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Aaron Watson Aaron Watson isn’t interested in what someone else thinks he should do. But instead of getting lonely as he sidesteps expectations, he’s gaining followers––hundreds of thousands of them. Delivered with a warm smile and fueled by a wild spirit, Watson’s rebellion echoes the land that helped make him. More Info
Bart Crow "I bared it all on this record. I opened my heart. exposed my family's tragedies. and when it was done. I had nothing else to give." HEARTWORN TRAGEDY is Bart Crow's latest chapter in a story that bodes the finest quality of the human spirit; resilience. Slated for release on October 27. 2009 on Smith Entertainment Records. HEARTWORN TRAGEDY is a portrait of Bart Crow as he is now. after coming out the other side of a year that intended to knock him out in the first round. In the liner notes this record is dedicated to our soldiers and their families. an undaunted band of warriors with who Crow shares the fraternal blood. Yet. the inspiration that pervades this entire collection stems from his mother who bravely rushed the battle lines of her own personal war and ended up the last one standing after the smoke finally cleared. These 10 superlative tracks plod a course through a landscape of heartbreak. fear. anger. faith. forgiveness. love. and the miracle of surrender. More Info
Anson Carter Anson puts on a one of a kind concert. With strong vocals wrapped in a smile to die for. You don't want to miss your chance to see him LIVE! More Info
Ashley Lee Edgy Country/Rock singer/songwriter.. I do what I do and I can't get enough :] More Info
Aubrey Lynn England After years of building a solid band and sharpening her writing skills, Aubrey Lynn England, "The Texas Songbird," has recorded her first full album or original music, released in the Summer of 2011. The album is composed of songs written about the circle of life, regret, and love along the way. Backed by Yellow Rose- her band named in tribute to her Father, Aubrey Lynn has been performing on stages across Texas and Oklahoma to spread these songs that speak her mind. Now packin' her first release, you can be sure to hear England's wide vocal range everywhere you go. More Info
Ali Dee The Singer-Songwriter Ali Dee was simply born to entertain. Her heart-felt love for folk and country music comes from the summers she spent as a teenager in the smokey mountains of North Carolina. listening to artists from Dolly Parton to the Dixie Chicks. Shortly after entering high school. Ali picked up a guitar and started playing and writing her own music on the window sill of her bedroom. Now. Ali Dee performs throughout Texas and has shared the stage with country music legends Randy Travis and Charley Pride as well as popular red dirt acts including No Justice. Bart Crow. Johnny Cooper. Sonny Burgess. Mark Mckinney. Granger Smith. Phil Hamilton and the Backroad Drifters. Cash Cooper. Jackson Taylor. Darren Kozelsky. and many more. Ali is currently recording her debut album and has already garnered support from red dirt radio stations around the Lonestar State and Oklahoma. Be sure you check out the calendar section to catch Ali and her guitar near you soon. More Info
abbi walker Abbi Walker is a fresh, edgy, country and southern rock artist with the talent and personality as big her home state. Raised in South Texas as a Preacher's kid, Abbi was heavily influenced by gospel music, Southern culture, and Texas grit. An independent artist and songwriter, Abbi is confident, funny, and as sassy as they come. Taught to sing by her grandmother on an old upright piano at the age of just 3, Abbi fell in love with the art of music and songwriting immediately. More Info
Breaking Southwest Kent & Kyle started playing together in the Spring of 2010 in an apartment in North Dallas. By the spring of 2011 they had added an outstanding fiddle/piano player in Shannon Ward, as well the extremely talented Bryan Meggison on bass. Kent & Kyle recorded a full length CD with 10 of their original songs. Slowly but surely they've begun to fill up their calender with shows around the DFW area. More Info
Bentley Massey Ben Massey- Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals I was raised on a farm out in the country close to Dora NM, about 5 miles from the state line. I started playing guitar and writing songs when I was 15. It's been my passion ever since and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the Bentley Massey Band. I also like to fish, hunt and play baseball. Even though I enjoy basketball, I knew I wasn't destined for the NBA. The first game I ever played was in 7th grade. I was so excited about going in! I scored within the first 30 seconds that I was in the game . . . Ahem, on the wrong end of the court. . .so the 2 points went to the other team. After that I was never really able to get the coach to put me back in. More Info
Brandon Adams and the Sad Bastards Lubbock-based Brandon Adams - with his deep musical roots as well as a spectrum of inspirations - stands out within the current Texas young country boom. The self-titled debut album on the Melodic Undertone label by Adams and his band, The Sad Bastards, is slated for Jan. 18, 2011. It brims with the crackle of promise and Adams' distinctive take on country music that draws from the genre's legacy and more to create something vital for today. More Info
Bill Archer William (Bill) Archer Sr. has been an American country singer since 2005, Born in Texas City, TX. October 13th, 1969. Bill Archer released his first EP Cancun in 2009, he released his second radio single Intoxivacation in 2011, which debuted on the Reverb Nation Top 50 Hot Country Chart in Sep. 2011 . More Info
Bobby Duncan At a time where many young adults his age are graduating from college. and forgoing out into the world. eager to make an impression. Bobby Duncan has been through a graduation of his own. The release of a sophomore record. A newcomer to many. Duncan has been plowing the roads of Texas since 2005 when he released his first record. "Lonesome Town". A record Duncan calls one of the. "Proudest moments of my life". became the foundation to build upon and become better. More Info
Barefoot Dixie Barefoot Dixie is a breath of fresh air on an over saturated horizon of commercialized music....Hailing from Texas, and staying within the veins of Texas/Red Dirt, and Southern Rock...Barefoot Dixie gives it that little unexpected punch...A new sound, refreshingly original. More Info
Brandon McDermott If you were to think of the most glorious sound that could ever be produced-As if Heaven itself were to part the clouds for the briefest of moments and all the Angels gathered to sing their most Angelic song. and it was so beautiful that it could only be heard for a single whisper of a moment or the gloriousness of the sound would overwhelm everyone on Earth-yep. that's the Brandon McDermott Band in a nutshell. From Galveston to Houston to College Station and all the way up to Amarillo. the Brandon McDermott Band has been bringing their exciting brand of Texas country music to stages across the Lone Star State. The Brandon McDermott Band started in College Station. TX when McDermott. a member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2001. began writing songs and playing at open mics around town. More Info
Breelan Angel Breelan Angel is celebrating Texas style! And, rightfully so! Learning that her single "Pocket Change" (co-written with Bri Bagwell) is a Top 20 single (Texas Regional Radio Report) her spirit soared higher when word came that she was the first female Texas country artist to receive the Bud Light Texas Country Music Sponsorship! More Info
blacktopGYPSY Andie Kay Joyner and Heather Stalling had to experience life before they felt ready to write about it. When they met in the early 1990's, both were already accomplished musician/vocalists. Stalling was an award winning fiddler, coming off a two-year run as a support player in Branson, MO. Joyner was still a teenager, but had sung in front of thousands of people at countless performances. Each had grown up in musical families that exposed them to bluegrass, folk, and traditional country music. More Info
Bleu Edmondson With a raw. rough. and edgy sound Bleu Edmondson is a mainstay on the Texas country music scene. Coming from Richardson. Texas and a proud graduate and 3 sport athlete (football. basketball. and baseball) of Lake Highlands High School and a traveling college student. music has always been a passion for Bleu. "When I told my folks that I was quitting school and starting a band. my family was very supportive and still is. I am thankful of that. My family is very important to me. When I am in the Dallas area I make it a point to go home and see them." Music isn't the only thing that Bleu loves; the Texas Rangers are his second love. "My fondest Texas Rangers moment is the Nolan Ryan/Robin Ventura fight. That was awesome. I am a huge Nolan fan as well. It is hard to follow the team living in New Braunfalls. TX but I keep up with them the best I can." More Info
Brandon Jenkins Red Dirt Music gets it's name from the blood red soil and surrounding landscape of Stillwater. Oklahoma. the place many hail as the "Mecca" Of Red Dirt Music. While locating the music's epicenter is easy. defining it's sound is a little more difficult. "I've always thought Red Dirt was less about a sound. and more about a brotherhood of musicians with a common goal; not only to make music. but music with a message. Bob Childers. Jimmy LaFave. Tom Skinner. The Great Divide and so many others have helped to shape and form this rapidly growing genre. bringing in the convictions of Woody Guthrie. and the swank and swagger of the Outlaw Country and Southern Rock movements". Jenkins new album "Brothers Of The Dirt" definitely carries on it that tradition with a wide variety of style and influence. bringing in Artists at the forefront of the new charge -Stoney LaRue. Jason Boland. Cody Canada. Mike McClure. and mixing them in with some of the other guys that helped to influence the Genre -Steve Pryor. Ron Morgan. Pat Savage. Brad Absher just to name just a few. More Info
Brandon Rhyder Brandon Rhyder Home Brandon Rhyder Brandon Rhyder Pat Green on Brandon Rhyder.. "Hard To tell between Brandon Rhyder and Wade Bowen as to who is the best coming up with a melody. This is my opinion. but Brandon is one of the best in the business." Justin Frazell. and mornings on KFWR 95.9 the Ranch says. "Brandon Rhyder. beyond his endless skills as a songwriter. singer. and entertainer. is just flat out good people! Brandon has always been more than willing to reach out and help when I have asked. Whether it be for the late Sunday evening radio show or Pickin' for Preemies. he so kindly donates his time and has never said no in the years I have known him. Brandon and I are more than business associates. we are friends. I am blessed to call him my friend and this world is extremely fortunate to have his music" "Brandon Rhyder is an exceptional musician and a is genuinely friendly person. I first got to know Brandon a couple of years ago when I lived in Corpus Christi. Texas. I had an interview set up with Wade Bowen and he decided to bring a songwriting buddy and it was Brandon. We hit it off immediately. and our friendship has grown over the years. I did the interview with the two of them. and Brandon played a song acoustic for me that would eventually make him a huge name on the Texas music scene. Freeze Frame Time. There are a lot of people on this scene that have distinctive voices. but none with the natural vibrato that he has. a voice just makes you stop and listen." More Info
Brett Crenshaw Brett Crenshaw grew up hearing stories about his grandfather playing fiddle with Bob Wills back in the days when Texas Music. and the foundation of modern-day Country Music was in its infancy. Brett went to Texas A & M University with eager aspirations of becoming a Veterinarian. but fate (and perhaps the history in his blood) had something else in mind: music. Brett and the guys are pounding the pavement with full force to promote their debut record "Another Late Night". More Info
Bruce Robison On any given Saturday night. Texas singer-songwriter Bruce Robison is on his way to headline at one of the Texas Hill Country's legendary dancehalls-the Broken Spoke. say. or Gruene Hall or Floore's Country Store-when one of his songs comes on the radio. Maybe it's Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's hit version of "Angry All the Time." or George Strait's cover of "Wrapped" or even the Dixie Chicks' No. 1 hit. "Travelin' Soldier." For Bruce Robison. life looks pretty good. As a songwriter. Robison. very deliberately. sets his scene. poses his characters and sets the machinery in motion. Then. he stands back and gives them room to breathe. It's an approach that is a luxury in this day of blunt-object sentimentality and sledgehammer nuance that passes for most commercial country music. More Info
Brian Keane "It's a theme that keeps popping up naturally," Brian Keane explains referring to his new album titled Coming Home. "It's an emotion I've felt each week as I really learned what the road is like the last year and a half." It's a theme that finds its way into almost every song on his new album, set to release in January 2014. For an artist and songwriter who falls into both the Americana and Red Dirt genres, Keane has been extremely busy touring 150 days a year and promoting his most recent single off the upcoming record, "Easy to Say Goodbye", which was recently featured on Lifetime's Army Wives. This constant state of travel allows him to continuously experience the emotions of coming home to Nashville, and to his wife and new baby girl. More Info
Bri Bagwell Bri Bagwell was born in Las Cruces. New Mexico to a musical family that has always supported her dreams of making it as a singer/songwriter. Throughout her teen years. she played with her two brothers in bands "On Tap" and "Let it Ride". performing in many southwest venues and even on the Las Vegas strip. After hitting Austin. TX to attend the University of Texas. she picked up guitar (after playing piano/keyboard for years). and has stepped into the music scene. She has opened for many of her influences. including Sean McConnell. Stoney Larue. Josh Grider. and more. More Info
Blacktop Outlaw Exploding onto the Texas country ssene in 2012, Blacktop Outlaw is a Red Dirt Texas Country Band from the Denton, Tx area. A mix of classic country and southern rock make this group as diverse as their appearance. More Info
Cory Morrow Fifteen years. and thousands of live shows later. Morrow has emerged as one of the lone star state's best-loved artists. Revered along with college pal Pat Green as a preservationist of the unique Texas music "sound." which combines elements of country. bluegrass. swing and blues. Morrow inspires a fierce loyalty in his fans. As an independent artist. he moved 200.000 discs through his own WriteOn label. More Info
Cooper Wade Cooper Wade is quickly becoming a well known name in Texas and his popularity is growing exponentially! He has been drawing big crowds in the Houston area and with his much anticipated debut album coming out in a few months, he'll be traveling all over the Lone Star State! More Info
Clay Wilson The Clay Wilson Band. a highly energetic band who began their journey in 2006 at Texas State University becoming what you know it as today. The Clay Wilson Band. Since then. this up and coming band from San Marcos has went through many changes. struggles. all while still accomplishing their main objective is to have fun while playing music. The band has performed at many Texas venues with high energy. great music. while continuing to build a strong and dedicated fan base. More Info
Charla Corn Charla Corn has been very busy since her debut into the Texas Music scene in 2008. She has become a staple on the touring circuit, delivered a highly acclaimed debut CD, become a cohost on the award winning morning show of Dallas-Ft. Worth's 95.9 The Ranch, been awarded Best Female Artist by the TRRMA and most recently gave birth to her first child. In addition, she also has recorded her highly anticipated sophomore release Stella. More Info
Chancy Bernson Chancy Bernson Band@*!& In 2008. The Chancy Bernson Band played just over 40 shows... currently in the early part of 2009 they already have half of that number scheduled. That doesn't sound like that much. because it's not. That's not a lot when you look at the other touring acts around Texas. If it was up to the band. that number would be a lot higher. Still considered "newcomers" to the scene. The Chancy Bernson Band has accomplished a number of goals- releasing their debut c.d. in August of 2008 titled " I Did All This". playing shows with top talent acts and just cool guys such as Aaron Watson. Charlie Robison. Mike McClure. Stoney Larue. Micky and the Motorcars. Casey Berry. and Seth James just to name a few. More Info
Charley Austin AUSTIN TEXAS* CHARLEY AUSTIN* CHARLEY AUSTIN NEW COUNTRY MUSIC TEXAS ARTIST... 20 year old Charley Austin Rising Country Star' Born in Austin TX. is a singer/songwriter and actor who now resides in San Antonio Texas. where he is enjoys the mix of colorful flavors" of the old & new Tex-Mex Culture and cuisine. He has been singing since he was two yrs. old & performing on stage since he was five yrs. old. He has performed at Stock Shows & Rodeos. Gala's. State & County Fairs. Colgate Country Showdowns. Festivals. Hotels. Conventions. Special Events. Benefits. Churches USO. Military Bases. as well as on famous stages such as Tootsies Orchid Lounge. The Nashville Palace. and BB Kings in Nashville. TN. Charley's music is inspirational for all ages. Since Charley is from the "Lone Star State of Texas" he is greatly inspired by legendary artists such as George Strait. Bob Wills. Bobby Flores. Hank William Sr. Marty Robins. Johnny Cash and other legends Rich Mccready. Clay Walker. Billy Ray Cyrus. Alan Jackson as well as other great artists such as Bobby Flores. from whom Charley takes guitar lessons at the Bulverde Academy of Music. More Info
Charlie Robison Let's just get it out of the way right up front: In the five years between his last and most successful album yet. Good Times. and his new Dualtone Records release. Beautiful Day. Charlie Robison got divorced from his wife Emily (of The Dixie Chicks). So it's only natural to assume that this is his "divorce album." which is not altogether untrue. But as with all devoted songwriters. Robison writes from a perspective that draws from and speaks to larger matters and issues within human experience and life in these times. And as the title indicates. even if this album is to a notable degree about and informed by the end of his marriage. there's something different and more at work here. More Info
Christen Sawyer THE BASICS: Im a 21 year old singer/songwriter with an uncontrollable passion for music. I could listen to it, sing it, watch it, or write it all day long! Although Ive been a singer since I was 12 years old, I just recently stumbled into the live red dirt music scene. After recording a demo CD in 2008, I teamed up with the wonderful Gerrie McDowell (Gerrieco Texas Promotions) to release my first single Crazy to radio. Fresh onto the scene I kept my expectations lowI was absolutely shocked as I watched it rise to #20 on the Texas Music Chart! At that time I started playing acoustic shows around Texas, embarking on a quest for world domination (kidding). More Info
Chuck Allen Floyd Chuck Allen Floyd has lived many lives. Songwriter. guitarist. cowboy. college graduate. lawyer. frontman- each phase no less significant or influential than the last. His songs reflect the full gamut of each experience. creating an honest look at the life of a man who could've just as easily spent his days in a courtroom instead of on a stage. Chuck's path to the Texas Country music scene took him through Nashville. Amarillo. and Nashville (again). finally returning him home to Oklahoma where he and his band. The Liars Club. stand poised to take their place among the Country Music elite. Chuck's career as a songwriter in Clint Black's Blacktop Music Group allowed him to hone his skill of crafting songs that connect with a larger audience. His song 'Borrowed Wings' won first place in the 2009 Billboard World Song Contest. and he was recently honored as Billboard's 2010 winner for his song 'Wishing He Was You'- a back-to-back feat that has never been accomplished. He was also named 2009 Co-writer Of The Year by the New Hampshire Country Music Association for his collaboration with Tony Matrumalo on 'You Got Lucky.' Floyd and Matrumalo went on to win the North American Country Music Association's Co-Writers Of The Year Award for the same song. Chuck's songs continue to be recorded by country music artists around the world. Success as a professional songwriter is a mountaintop that few writers ever see. More Info
Chapter 11 Sean Franks & Chapter 11 were founded by Producer/Songwriter Dustin Hendricks, singer songwriter Sean Franks, and long time friends Brian Dodson and Max Oneal. With the contributions of Mark Lafon and Kyle Wade Smith from The Dirty Pesos, and Aubrey Lynn England, Chapter 11 is an idea that music can be bigger and rise above the "Labels", "Egos", the needs to get "Famous". More Info
Curtis Grimes Curtis Grimes is a 23 year old singer/songwriter from Upshur County who is pursuing his dream in the Texas Country Music scene. Grimes was an academic scholar and athlete at Harmony High School where he was an All-State pitcher and member of the 2003 state qualifying baseball team. Following graduation he accepted academic and baseball scholarships to Centenary College in Shreveport. Louisiana. More Info
Cody Canada and The Departed Cody Canada was 16 years old when he made his way from Yukon to Stillwater. Oklahoma. He had been searching for some inspiration; a place to call home musically. What he found was a creative nirvana of musicians who were generating the music that would stay with him for the rest of his life. "It was like the greatest place on earth. " Cody recalls. "I met Tom Skinner. Scott Evans. Bob Childers. Jimmy LaFave. the Red Dirt Rangers and they were all playing this really. really good music. It was kind of in that same vibe as the Allman Brothers and The Band. But what came out of it was really diverse. There were more country acts like Jason Boland. The All American Rejects were the rock guys. Then you had the whole Red Dirt hippie thing-I didn't even know what Red Dirt was until somebody told me. I got turned on to it all and it's stayed with me ever since." More Info
Cole Porter Band Cole Porter Band is a genre melting pot based out of Southwest Missouri with Ozark roots and a sound as distinct as their home. They're hard to pin down but they embrace the red dirt mind set and have made their own blend of country, southern rock, and red dirt just the way they like it. Their ability to fuse the sweet spots from these genres has attracted a fan base of welcomed diversity that is spreading throughout Missouri and making its way into More Info
Clayton Gardner Born and raised in Conroe. TX. Clayton has always been a fan of Texas Country music. It wasn't until he moved to College Station to attend Texas A&M that he decided to pick up a guitar and take to the stage. His first performance came in 2008. and since then he has opened for Brandon Rhyder. Stoney Larue. Chris Knight and many others. As a newcomer to the music scene. Clayton has generated an appreciative fan-base and has written some catchy tunes that keep them coming back for more. More Info
Cameran Nelson Cameran Nelson Home Cameran Nelson 0 Cameran Nelson Cameran and his band, Guardrail Damage Ahead, are touring extensively and his new album "Happy To Beer" released in June 2013. This album includes the tracks "Thrown", which reached #70 on the Texas Regional Radio Report, "Happy To Beer", which remained on the Texas charts for 26 weeks and reached #19 on the TexNet50 music chart, "Reckless In Texas" which made the Texas Charts just one week after its late August release and climbed into the top 40 at #31, and the latest single "35 Runs Both Ways" which debuted on the Texas Regional Radio Report with the Trifecta at #66 and made it to #15 in only 4 weeks. Look for the new album on iTunes and CDBaby . For a hard copy visit More Info
Chris Wayne Band Chris Wayne is not just another guy off the street that thought he should put a band together just for fun. He was born into a musical family. His grandfather was a recording artist in the 50's and his grandmother was a dear friend and songwriting partner of Willie Nelsons, so Chris came by his musical talents honestly. After many years of touring, playing as often as he could to anyone who would listen, Chris hit his stride, and hasn't slowed down since. The same can be said about Brian Walker, CWB's lead guitarist. More Info
Cody Joe Hodges Cody Joe Hodges started playing music at an early age, but it wasn't until his senior year in high school that he became serious about his art. Impassioned by such country greats as George Strait, Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings, Cody Joe wrote his first song, "Daddy's Dream", his freshman year in the dorms at Texas A&M University. More Info
Chad Sullins "This record is about how the last record kicked my ass." No doubt about it, Chad Sullins is a man who speaks the God's honest truth about everything in his life, and when it comes to his songwriting he tends to leave the polished overtones and silver lining story-telling to the fairytale books. This is real life and his brand new record WICKED SPELL is a personal journal kept by a man who has resolved himself to a life that dispassionately takes back as much as it gives. More Info
Cody Riley Cody Riley has just finished his latest EP "Dozen Dead Roses." Persistence has once again paid off for Riley as one of his long time musical influences, Wade Bowen, agreed to co-produce the project with Ross Smith (keys & guitar for Wade Bowen). More Info
Django Walker So far. in the advent of a very young career. Django Walker has a) co-written songs with Texas country music blockbuster Pat Green. b) played a show at Dallas' famed Cotton Bowl headlined by the Dixie Chicks. c) released his first solo album and began writing songs for a second album also to be released on his independent label. Lazy Kid Music. and d) extended a long and honorable Texas music legacy into a new era. "Texas On My Mind." one of the standout tracks of Django's 2002 debut release. Down The Road. introduced Texas music fans to a young singer-songwriter who is heir to a distinguished Lone Star musical tradition. but whose tastes and tempos evoke a kinship with a younger generation. More Info
Drew Fish Band Drew Fish is a Texas country original. Living in Austin, the live music capitol of the universe, he didn't have to go far to realize his dream. Trained on the piano and guitar at a young age, Drew found his passion to write in high school. His audience has grown exponentially since his early performances at El Arroyo and Hill's Singer-Songwriter Night. If you don't get your fix at one of the many venues of the Drew Fish Band, you can catch him as a frequent guest on stage with his friend, recording artist, Curtis Grimes. More Info
Darrell Goldman Darrell Goldman released his first full-length album titled The Bed I've Made in January, a heartfelt project he wrote and produced himself. Darrell's not just some starry-eyed kid hoping to make it in the music biz. Instead, he's a seasoned, serious performer with a passion for songwriting and touching people's lives with music, "that magical something" he says, "that has a way of bringing people together like nothing else in the world. That's what I love." More Info
Erica Perry Erica Perry was born to perform she started singing when she was just 3 years old. Growing up in Leander, Texas in high school she met a very special friend Kyle Park. He was a big inspiration in her life to write and play guitar and to really make sure she wrote from her heart. At 18 she tried out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and became one of Americas Sweethearts and cheered till 2008. More Info
Deryl Dodd Stronger Proof. Deryl Dodd's fittingly titled new album (Dualtone Records. Oct. 5) is a deeply satisfying collection of stone country and twangy rock. but it represents something more as well. This spirited and dead-earnest record is the triumphant culmination of a long and arduous journey by a writer/artist who refused to give up after his career was derailed and his dreams were dashed just as he was about to realize them. But Dodd has no regrets about the harrowing ordeal he went through. because it has brought him to a better place than he could have imagined before his troubles started. More Info
Eleven Hundred Springs Eleven Hundred Springs plays real country music. With songwriting hooks Hank Williams himself would be proud of and a band as tight as Buck Owens' Buckaroos to back them up. it's no wonder the dance floors stay packed at their shows. If Hank Thompson blended Western Swing with Honky Tonk. and Waylon Jennings blended country with Rock. Eleven Hundred Springs does all of the above. Without a doubt. live performance is this band's specialty. Since the band's inception. it has maintained a tour schedule of two hundred plus dates a year all over the nation. The band's latest studio album Country Jam. produced by Grammy winner Lloyd Maines. is a fine blend of the many styles of Texas Country music. Country Jam was released in May of 2008 to nationwide radio support and critical acclaim. There is something on this album for everyone who calls themselves a fan of good country music. More Info
Eli Young Band The Eli Young Band's music has all the hallmarks of youth: passion. energy. excitement. The band's story is the definition of commitment: years spent honing its sound while building up to their first national album launch. The band combined a range of elements-vocalist Mike Eli's ingratiating resonance. guitarist James Young's elastic bag of sounds. bass player Jon Jones' inventive foundation and drummer Chris Thompson's energetic propulsion-to create a 12-song CD that paints even the difficult turns in life with an underlying optimism. "That's been a theme through a lot of our music." Jones observes. "It might be raining today. but it might be sunny tomorrow. so it's worth sticking around for." More Info
Gary Kyle Gary Kyle was raised in Kingwood, TX, just outside of Houston. He grew up the youngest of six children in a very musically charged family. Gary's father, who passed when Gary had just turned a year old, was a country/bluegrass performer for years in honky tonks throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Gary's life took a dramatic change at the age of 13, when Gary's 19 year old vivacious, free-spirited brother, was diagnosed with Leukemia. He passed just months later. Gary never had a chance to say goodbye. Life took on as whole new meaning for Gary. It shook him into the realization that life is too short and too precious to be taken for granted. Gary then made a vow to follow his heart and cherish each moment to the fullest. This passion for life later became the basis of the title track of his debut CD, aptly entitled "Livin". More Info
Granger Smith I cannot rest from travel: I will drink Life to the lees. -Alfred Tennyson. With 3 top ten singles. 3 tours in Iraq and Kuwait to play for the American Soldiers and 3 shows at the White House (including two performances for President Bush). Granger Smith will never say he didn't "live life to the lees." "Music is what I do." says Granger. "If I can help someone get lost in the moment of a song long enough to forget the worries of the world. or long enough to remember what's most important. then I've done my job." More Info
Heather Roberts Heather has always been involved in music in one way or another. Her dad. Charlie Reynolds. was a musician for the better part of his life. Her very first experience was as an infant sitting in a car seat on the stage while her father's band played in the Stockyards. Later on she sang in the church choir and at church camps. Through-out middle school and high school she was in the band where she learned to read and play music. After high school. music took a backseat to a family. Heather met her future husband Cisco and got married at age 18. They welcomed their first baby girl. Tynleigh. in December of 2004. followed by their second little girl. Natalie. in February 2007. Needless to say. life was busy for their blooming family. More Info
Fred Andrews & Honeybrowne Honeybrowne has made its mark on the Texas music scene and beyond by going song by song. gig by gig. album by album and Mile By Mile. as the title of the band's latest CD declares. Singer. songwriter and group leader Fred Andrews and his musical compadres come by their sound and success honestly. drawing from a rich palette of inspirations and then going out and road-testing the music they create to ensure that it makes a genuine connection with music-loving listeners. Combining good ole hard work with a vibrant love for the magic of music. More Info
Haley Cole I could tell you where Birch, Texas, is but that would also require you to know where the other two towns are that surround it. Let's just say it's not easy to find, which is appropriate because talent like Haley Cole is not easy to find either. More Info
Jason Ashley Jason Ashley is constantly using his talents to give back. Working with different charities has been his focus for the last few years and through that effort he has seen his career take off. He was awarded a "Terry Award" in 2009 for songwriter of the year, for his self penned "Handle With Care" off of his debut CD "Coming Up Clean". For the last 4 years, he has been the lead singer of the house band at Cowboys Arlington/Red River, here in the DFW area. With that said, he has a new project about to be released. The motivation for his new project is best told in his own words. More Info
Janie Balderas A true Rock n' Roll cowgirl!! Janie is Texas' country sweetheart songstress! If you've ever been to her shows you know to expect the unexpected. She has been dubbed with the slogan "Country music with attitude" and she wears it well. More Info
Jason Eady Mississippi native Jason Eady has come full circle on his third and latest album, When the Money's All Gone, delivering southern gospel stomps, New Orleans soul, and the heartbreaking tide of sin and redemption through his rich baritone voice and a raucous band. Produced by critically acclaimed songwriter, Kevin Welch, When the Money's All Gone comes as both a calming voice for the current times and as a timeless album of blue-eyed, southern soul music. The songs sound from the voice of a sage poet that's made it through the storm to see the other side, all the while knowing it's going to come again. More Info
Jon Wolfe The best introduction to Jon Wolfe is the basic yet not so simple fact that he's a country singer and songwriter. Country music, as it was, is and always should be, with boots firmly standing on the bedrock of tradition and an eye focused on taking it into the future. And that, as any fan of true country knows, is no simple proposition. More Info
Hayes Carll Hayes Carll is an odd mix. Wildly literate, utterly slackerly, impossibly romantic, absolutely a slave to the music, the 35-year old Texan is completely committed to the truth and unafraid to skewer pomposity, hypocrisy and small-minded thinking. More Info
Josh Ward Country Music traditionalist Josh Ward has a unique, almost untouchable voice that grabs your attention. Just a few songs into a set and you will see just why Josh turns heads everywhere he performs. Josh Ward's influences stretch back to some of the founding fathers of country music like Hank and Lefty, and to the outlaws like Waylon and Willie. Josh Ward's live show leaves no one disappointed, and everyone asking for more! More Info
Jonathan Jeter Pulling pain and heartbreaks from small town life. Jonathan Jeter is a song-writer from Greenville. TX. Fighting the good fight against the odds. Jonathan is cruising down the highways and back roads to venues all over the region making believers one person at a time. Having played in various bands over the years. More Info
JODY BOOTH Texas has produced some of country music's biggest legends. and Jody Booth could well be the next member to join that near-cosmic lineup. With a gritty edge that defies convention and a lyrical vulnerability startling in its honesty. this intense guitar-playing singer/songwriter from the tiny town of Livingston. Texas is hovering on the borderline between regional acclaim and national fame and he's reaching out for the "big time." "I'd be happy enough to sing for free. just for the camaraderie with the band and the audience's energy." Jody says. "But to make a living and provide for my family. I've got to take a chance and believe that this new CD will take things further along." More Info
Jamie Richards Jamie Richards is not a man who fears the machine or cares what "they" think. With boldness. Jamie dares to go where most have drifted from: traditional. honest. downright real country music. With his third release. "Drive". Jamie has come to a crossroads where his raw talent meets his maturity as a songwriter. These two forces have met and created a masterpiece of real country music. After eight years of getting his musical education in Oklahoma honky-tonks. Jamie ventured out east to Music City. Jamie quickly learned that Music City doesn't always welcome "real country singers" with open arms. More Info
Jarrod Birmingham Jarrod Birmingham's 2006 CD. "No Apologies" spawned a #1 single and earned the country music outlaw a top ten spot in the Best Of Texas Top 30 songs of the year. He has been compared to Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams. Jr. and producer Eric Paul described the country traditionalist as "the first real singer of the 21st century." Humbled by the accolades. Birmingham attributes his pure and gritty musical style to his true grit life style. More Info
JB and the Moonshine Band JB and the Moonshine Band are a group of four young East Texans whose love for music brought them together in a somewhat unorthodox way. In early 2009. front man JB Patterson gave up a successful advertising career to pursue his dream of being a songwriter. After realizing how difficult it is for a songwriter to break into the music scene. he realized what he had to do-start a band and sing the songs himself! More Info
Jason Cassidy When Jason Cassidy was a kid, he wanted to be a rock star (who didn't?). But the electric guitar and lessons he got at 13 didn't take. Country music, however, did. Inspired by a buddy who could name every country tune as soon as it came on the radio, the competitive Cassidy started listening. "I totally fell in love with country music and learned every song I could," he recalls. More Info
Jack Ingram When Jack Ingram won the 2008 Academy of Country Music award for "Best New Male Vocalist." thousands of people in the audience had to be smiling to themselves about that whole "new" thing. They knew the thirty-something. steel-eyed veteran accepting that trophy on that stage in Vegas had been rocking roadhouses. theaters and stadiums relentlessly since 1997. that he'd been celebrated by critics and fans of hard-core country music for more than a decade. and that as a Texas-born songwriter and performer. he'd been on the short list of next generation artists who could fill the boots of Lone Star legends like Willie and Waylon and the boys. But the award did mean that Ingram. after trials and setbacks that would have buckled other artists. had at last matched the commercial success he'd always wanted with the integrity on which he'd always insisted. So he told the crowd with no small measure of pride and triumph that night that "big dreams and high hopes" can come true. More Info
Jason Allen True to its title. The Twilight Zone represents a turning point of sorts for Jason Allen. It's his first studio album for Smith Music. the label. run by his friend Frank Jackson. that released 2006's Live at Gruene Hall. and he wrote all but two of the songs. "This record is a good reflection of who I am as an artist/songwriter." he says. "The others [2003's Something I Dreamed and 2005's Wouldn't It Be Nice] were too. but this one is digging a little deeper." Twilight Zone marks Allen's first time as co-producer; he and partner Tommy Detamore cut the album in three weeks at Detamore's Cherry Ridge Studio outside Flooresville. "down a long dirt road in the woods. just like I like it." Allen says. "Although we did have a squirrel try to get in on the record - I'm not sure if he made it or not." More Info
Jason Boland & the Stragglers Country music swashbucklers JASON BOLAND AND THE STRAGGLERS' hard-hitting new live set HIGH IN THE ROCKIES: A LIVE ALBUM is an unconstrained collection of appealingly inventive Red Dirt country. Crackling with the raw outlaw voltage that has made them one of the fastest-rising forces in contemporary country. the resolutely independent Texas-based quintet's execution and delivery is uniformly impressive. and with material divided between Stragglers standards and fan favorites. the album rises to a profound new elevation that is reflected in a most fitting choice of title. Whether reveling in the Okie kickback groove of "Tulsa Time" or re-defining the epic despair of Boland's classic "Bottle By My Bed." their sound. characterized by ebullient musicianship and passionate vocals. links country music's past to its future with admirable expertise. More Info
Jerry Audley Hailing from Abbot. Texas. the home of industry Legend. Willie Nelson. Jerry Audley has created a blend of Classic Country with a tough. Southern Rock feel. From the plethora of secular. Pop Country songs that have saturated secular radio. Jerry has managed to create his signature sound of Rockin'. Honky-Tonk music. As Jerry aspires to be the pioneer artist who resurrects the Classic Country genre. and pushes it back into the mainstream. he is already garnering acclaim for his innovative style. In May of 2008. Jerry was privileged to have one of his favorite. radio airplay tracks. Lucky Me Lonely You. receive recognition on The Texas Music Chart. His single not only garnered the top spot on the Texas Music Chart. but it also remained in the number one position for four. straight weeks. More Info
Jon Christopher Davis "It's as if Don Henley. Elvis Presley and the Everly Brothers met late one night at a Texas Roadhouse parking lot and beat the crap out of each other and what came out was Jon Christopher Davis. He's brains. hips and harmonies." - Stan Lynch of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers / Producer for Don Henley "Jon Christopher Davis is a triple threat. He plays guitar great. sings like a bird and writes from the heart." - Radney Foster "If you crave a singer who can play. a player who can write and a writer who can sing. Jon Christopher Davis is your man." - Rodney Crowell More Info
Josh Abbott Band A mere 57 seconds into the opening track of the Josh Abbott Band's She's Like Texas. you're likely to be hooked. One intro. one verse and one chorus are pretty much all that's required to recognize something special in the Texas-based act. The winding riffs that open "Road Trippin" have a weighty Southern-rock air about them. though the actual instrumentation-fiddler Preston Wait and guitarist Gabe Hanson breeze through the lines in unison-hints faintly at the western-swing heritage deep in their Texas roots. Bass player Daniel Almodova and drummer Edward Villanueva set a powerful. chugging rhythmic foundation that walks the line between commercial country and raw honky tonks. And Josh Abbott-the founder. lead singer and chief songwriter for the ensemble-evinces a slight Steve Earle character: breathy. fiery. intense. More Info
Josh Grider The smooth sound of Josh Grider's deep voice is rhythmic and soothing. His rich robust soul filled song writing has a new twist to the traditional story telling. Coming from humble beginnings at Baylor University in Waco. Texas and graduating with a Bachelor's of Arts in Music. music has always been a passion that has driven him to play night in and night out. With the love and support of his amazing and loving wife Kristi. Josh has been playing on the road for about 5 years now and has enjoyed great success and hard times as well. It is ever present in the songs that he writes. More Info
James Lann James has accomplished many wonderful things in his career. He has released 3 successful albums and hit the charts with his songs. Six of his compositions managed to hit Billboard Texas Regional Charts at number one! Lann has completed a transformation from young new artist to esteemed songwriter and performer. a transformation that has been a long hard road. "This year we are full blast with our new booking agency and management. I will be able to concentrate on our live shows. We just look forward to getting out there and performing. and that's the fun part. Playing music is something that I love with a passion and I'm not gonna give it up for anything else." says Lann. More Info
Jason Helms Band Since 2008 Jason Helms Band has been ripping up stages all across the United States, with a unique blend of Texas Country & Rock-N-Roll a blend that landed then squarely in the label of Red Dirt. But make no mistake, these guys aren't some band being Red Dirt because they like Red Dirt bands this music is a blend that is as real and honest as you'll find anywhere. More Info
Jake Ward Jake Ward is an up and coming Texas Country artist out of Corpus Christi. With his blend of classic country and modern rock, his music is taking the Texas Country music scene by storm. More Info
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James Robert Webb James Robert Webb is a genuine country boy from Kellyville, Oklahoma who found a love of music before he learned to walk. You never know what instrument James may play live, but you can be sure that his voice will captivate you with a voice that is powerful, tender and uniquely country. Influenced by the great Oklahoma vocalists Garth Brooks, Ronnie Dunn and Vince Gill, Webb has a flair for traditional country with a modern bent. More Info
Judson Cole Band The Judson Cole Band formed in 2012 in San Angelo, TX. The band quickly became a staple at the historic Blaine's Pub, host to many Texas music legends through the years. More Info
Jeremy Phifer Jeremy Phifer At 6'3" with long brown hair and piercing blue eyes, Jeremy Phifer is a commanding presence, even off-stage. But when he stands in the spotlight, Phifer becomes even more compelling. A monster guitar player with massive vocal chops, this high-energy entertainer is not just another tall Texan with a duffel bag full of dreams. This is talent on fire. More Info
Kat Moore Band "It's easier to get lost on a dead end road." Kat Moore wails on "Country Through And Through." the ear-pleasing. Hair-raising first single from her new album Miss Understood. The Dallas native's third album serves notice - Moore and her band mates might be country through and through. But they've developed an edgy rock 'n' roll swagger to accompany their down-home sensibilities. Few country songs begin with distorted banjo notes dancing lazily around a wall of guitar feedback while mumbled conversations ala Pink Floyd brew just beneath the surface. More Info
Kevin Fowler Reflection is the catalyst to coming full circle. Texas country singer-songwriter Kevin Fowler took a couple of years to take stock of his artistic career, launch his own record label, then write and record How Country Are Ya? the old-fashioned way. How Country Are Ya? Fowler's seventh studio album and his first for Kevin Fowler Records in a joint venture with Nashville's Thirty Tigers - is the good-timing, tradition-steeped and honky-tonk-stomping Amarillo native's return to basics effort. A year in the making, the album features 15 fresh tunes (he wrote all of them except for the raucous instrumental "Mousturdonus") and was produced by Ken Tondre, Fowler's drummer, at Tondre's The Compound Recording Studio in Austin. More Info
Kristen Kelly People believe in Kristen Kelly. Candid and down to earth, with a room-filling smile and a voice that echoes the heart of what she sings, Kristen laughs as she describes her music as "a little more grease than polish." And that grease is an exciting mix, distilled from her country, blues, and classic rock influences into a passionate, playful, often sexy, and always heartfelt reflection of real life as she knows it. Be on the lookout for her new single "Kiss By Kiss" available May 2014. More Info
Kyle Park He sings. He writes songs. He plays guitar. And his new recording - an April 2010 EP of cool. crisp country tunes. just like him - as well as forecast releases of four songs or more at a time during the coming 12 months are the foundation of a full-length album he wants his fans to help him choose the tracks on. The Austin-born Texas artist has been writing since the release of his last album. his second. the irreverent and powerful ANYWHERE IN TEXAS. which featured a dozen songs written and co-written by Park. including "Cold in Colorado." with its killer chorus hook; "Don't Look." which climbed The Texas Music Chart; a co-write with Wade Bowen. "A Woman Like You"; the hard-driving "First Day of Summer"; and the sentimental final cut. "These Days." More Info
Kylie Rae Harris The last thing Kylie wanted to see dragging up to the curb every afternoon after school was her parent's old Chevy Suburban. The thing was an eyesore and an embarrassment. What teenager wouldn't be mortified? She hated it; and she'll never forget it. But she'll also never forget the road trips in that Suburban from her family's home in Wylie, Texas, northeast of Dallas, to the rolling hills hidden beneath East Texas forests. She loved those. More Info
Lost Immigrants From the beginning, Lost Immigrants has always been about the journey. What has mattered most has been the music and the connection the group makes with its fans. It has been about individual musicians pushing themselves collectively to create music that satisfies and inspires at the same time. The brainchild of college friends James Dunning and Craig Hinkle, Lost Immigrants formed in early 2005, winning the Shiner Rising Star contest later that year. The victory thrust the band and its music into the spotlight and within a year the band's debut album, "Waiting on Judgment Day," was an indie favorite with music lovers and radio DJs alike across the U.S. and Europe. More Info
Live Wire Sometimes, going against the grain and charting your own course can be the most difficult path, but it can also set you apart from the pack. This is the career path that LiveWire has chosen, and it is proving to be a winning formula. Arguably one of the most successful up-and-coming independent bands in America, they have built their brand through relentless touring, writing most of their own songs, playing on their own records, and releasing their music via every available outlet, oblivious to trends or gatekeepers. More Info
Matt Kimbrow Band The Matt Kimbrow Band is now one of the Texas Country Bands people are talking highly about in the Texas Music Scene! Touring from town to town and making fans at every venue played, Matt and his band have officially made a statement to Texas Country Music noticeably by his genuine songs and their high energy shows. The Matt Kimbrow Band has a high electrifying energy show that captures the attention of fans by the first song played. Not only is the MKB entertaining, but true artist that believes in what they are doing on stage. From the music writing to stage performance, MKB is for sure a rapid growing package in the Country Music Scene. This band has accomplished so much in the past 3 years. Such as being nominated twice for More Info
Mike McClure An American singer, songwriter, and producer from Tecumseh, Oklahoma. He is currently the frontman for the Mike McClure Band. McClure is a founding member of The Great Divide, and was a member until he and the band parted ways in 2002. The Mike McClure Band consists of McClure (guitar, vocals), Tom Skinner (bass), and Eric Hansen (drums). McClure got his start in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and would hang out and play music at the notorious "Farm" with other Red Dirt artists such as Bob Childers, Tom Skinner, and Scott Evans. After forming The Great Divide More Info
Mo Robson It has been ten years since the release of the MRB self-titled debut album. Fans still request songs from that first album, and its successors, nightly as the guys zigzag countless and nameless roads burning towns down with their brand of Honky-Tonk music. A true "Live" show is what you get when the MRB sets foot on stage. They always leave crowds wanting more and they have been keeping folks singing loudly and dancing in circles for years. Through the years the MRB has released two more albums ("Even Angels Fall" and "Live at Adair's") both on the Smith label. Both albums went double copper and charted singles which still receive regular airplay throughout the southwest region. They have shared the stage with numerous National and Regional headlining acts averaging over 200 shows annually. From roadside dives to large festivals these guys have played it all. After years on the road the band is most proud that they can change a flat tire on the van or trailer, from point of impact, in twelve minutes or less with a standard issue vehicle manufacturers jack. Jack. More Info
Macy Maloy Macy is a singer/songwriter whose soulful voice and online savvy have turned her into an Internet phenomenon. She started by uploading a few videos of herself performing covers and original songs on YouTube, and quickly built a loyal following. Through months of hard work writing songs and nurturing her fan-base, Macy has built her following to tens of thousands of online fans. A college student at the University of North Texas, More Info
Mark McKinney Mark McKinney. born and raised in Big Spring. TX. distinguishes himself from the typical "rockin' country" artist by drawing from a wide range of influences. He credits his father for instilling in him an appreciation for upbeat. energetic songs. He blends his musical tastes as easily as drinking beer and eating barbecue. and he admits to a diverse musical background. "Although I grew up listening to country legends like Willie Nelson and Charlie Daniels. I was also heavily influenced by rock and pop." This blend of influences has helped secure Mark a unique place in the country music/southern rock scene- and helped keep him from getting boxed into one genre. More Info
Micky and the Motorcars Thirteen years can put a hell of a lot of wear and tear on even the hardiest of rock 'n' roll bands. But don't be fooled by all those hundreds of thousands of miles on Micky & the Motorcars' odometer: pop the hood of Hearts From Above, the long-running Austin band's seventh album, and you'll find a brand-new engine, fine-tuned and good to run for at least as many more miles still ahead. And behind the wheel? Two brothers Micky and Gary Braun who by their own admission haven't been this fired up about playing together since they first rode south from the Whitecloud Mountains of Idaho to stake their claim to the Texas and wider Americana music scenes. More Info
Max Stalling 10 years...5 cds...respect as a songwriter... top flight expanding and loyal fan base. Not TOO bad of a track record for a guy who never felt he really had any business being in the music business. "I didn't even pick up a guitar until graduate school." notes Max Stalling. After high school in Carrizo Springs. Texas. Stalling went to Texas A&M in College Station and earned a master's degree in Food Science. Stalling took the corporate road to Dallas in 1991. working for Rainbo Bread and then in product development for snack food giant Frito-Lay. More Info
Mike Ryan Mike Ryan is a singer/songwriter with a knack for pairing lyrics with music that breathe life into a song. Though Mike would tell you "I've still got some road to travel as a writer," many will argue he's already established himself when it comes to penning clever new tunes. Smooth and soulful, he has uncommon vocal ability. With the upcoming release of his sophomore album, Bad Reputation, Ryan proves his ability to craft a good lyric in addition to breathing life into a song in a way that no other voice can. More Info
Michaelis It's impossible to manufacture something as genuine or as damn-straight cool as the sister trio Michaelis. Made up of Meagan, Mallory and Madeline their surname doubles as their band name the group has been winning over audiences throughout its native Texas since youngest member Madeline was only 5 years old. They'd sneak me through the back door of the honky-tonk and then I had to leave right after the show, says Madeline. More Info
Mike Donnell Band Originally beginning as a southern rock powerhouse after Mike served 2 tours of duty over seas, Mike and Nick made an immediate impact on the acoustic scene with free shows and open mic's in the Houston area. Lead singer Mike and guitarist Nick met purely by chance and in this luck encounter they quickly realized it was obvious they shared the same ideas and aspirations about music. During their first "jam session" in a buddy's garage they wrote most of what would become their first rock album. More Info
No Dry County "Led by Trent Langford, No Dry County carries the torch for a new generation of young artists traveling the circuit here in Texas. It's country and americana music infused with classic rock and roll, then left to simmer, filling the room with the sound of success. It's heartfelt music filled with lyrics about real life, real places and real people. More Info
Nick Verzosa and the Noble Union After flirting with the idea of leaving the nine-to-five world to pursue his lifelong passion. Nick Verzosa (Ver-Zo-Sa) turned his full attention to songwriting and performing in January 2008. He initially split his time between performing in solo acoustic performances and fronting his first full band effort. Johns Guns. Since the retirement of this first band. Verzosa has made his mark on the Texas music scene with his own spin on a sound described as both classic and innovative. More Info
Pat Green For a man whose new album begins with a powerful song called "Footsteps of Our Fathers," Pat Green has blazed his own trail in a way that few artists today can claim. Even with all the artistic and popular success he has experienced along the way, What I'm For is the stirring sound of Pat Green arriving as a major American singer-songwriter who has managed to make his own way in country music and beyond. To borrow a memorable phrase from the man's biggest hit to date, "Wave on Wave" of new faces have come along, but few have ever made such a vivid impression, both as a recording artist and performer, as Pat Green. More Info
Patton Sparks An Austin, Texas based country duo who have been playing clubs and bars around Texas for several years, Patton Sparks have shared the stage with established acts such as Sean McConnell, Ryan Beaver, Bri Bagwell, Ben Danaher, and Django Walker. Their array of musical influences includes country legends Hank Williams, Johnny Horton and Marty Robbins, the gritty southern rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top, and the blues rock of the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughn. More Info
Phillip Thomas From the first time you hear the name Phillip Thomas. It will always mean a party crowd! Phillip graduated from Los Fresnos High School in 2007 and was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley. Phillip's idles such as George Strait and Hank Williams Jr.. and Bands such as "Aerosmith" and "Little Texas" have always given him that inspiration to perform. He has been singing since he was 10 years old and played as a drummer when he was 14 More Info
Pat Ryan Band The Pat Ryan Band, formally known as Pat Ryan & The Jaded Kind made their start in January 2012. With the help of many Texas Country artists; it took the group no time at all to get up and running. More Info
Prophets and Outlaws They have developed a sound that ties their passion for the Blues to their Country roots. Think TEXAS SOUL! You can find elements of the old "outlaw" music in their attitude and in the way they push the boundaries of today's music More Info
Parris Pittman Parris Pittman echoes a rare and unique voice unlike any other. "A new age Lucinda Williams" as Mike McClure puts it. Parris is a Texas country singer, songwriter, and guitarist who is currently an independent artist without a record deal, and without management. Her growing popularity can be attributed to hard work, an amazing support team, and dedication to her craft. More Info
Richie Allbright Richie Allbright is a "Country" singer -songwriter who hails from the small South Texas town of Mathis. His influences are some of the greatest in Country Music,such as Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings,Gene Watson,Johnny Rodriguez,and Gary Stewart. And it can certainly be heard in his music!! As well as seen in his real life. In 1994, Richie left Texas for Nashville. He took with him the addictions and demons that had and would continue to pursue him relentlessly. While in Nashville, Richie worked for Gilleys and played at various other local bars. More Info
Robert Donahue They've been called the best thing to hit Texas country since crude oil, and the boys from RDB have the chops to back it up. With an explosive mix of rock, blues and a pinch of country thrown in the stew, The Robert Donahue Band serves up a rockin' good time adrenaline ride of high-powered, in your face, heavy blend of guitar and raw lyrical emotion that can only be described as pure Texas country music. More Info
Rankin Twins Three out of 1.000. That's how rare April and Amy Rankin entered the world as identical twins. Growing up in the small Gulf coast town of Portland. Texas. the young. curly-haired duo proved at an early age that they were indeed a very unique pair. From performing their favorite country tunes at family gatherings to line dancing at country dance halls with their parents in Portland. the Rankin Twins had a natural gift for capturing everyone's attention. Fast-forward to today. April and Amy are still the charming. charismatic sisters everyone in Portland fell in love with. Only now. they are one of the hottest up-and-coming country artists in Texas with some impressive experience under their belt buckles. More Info
Ryan Beaver If you were to sit down with Ryan Beaver for a casual conversation, within minutes you would realize that Ryan's music is a transparent representation of who he is to the core: humble, levelheaded, genuine. He's a deeply rooted family guy from a small town in Northeast Texas, who set aside his marketing degree from Texas State, and discovered himself in the artistic community of Austin. "I've grown up my entire life with music," Ryan explains. "Singing...playing drums, piano, guitar. Music was something I couldn't shake." Within the span of a few short years, he wrote and independently released 2008's Under the Neons and 2011's Constant. More Info
Randy Rogers Band Randy Rogers was raised in Cleburne. Texas. the son of a Baptist preacher and a teacher's aide. His father regularly played guitar and sang with his best friend at the family home. and his great-grandmother taught him how to play the piano when he was 6 years old. By age 11. he was writing songs and teaching himself to play chords on guitar. His love for music grew over the years as he began to listen to artists like Merle Haggard. Willie Nelson. Don Williams. the Beatles and even Pearl Jam. He began experimenting with his live show when his high school garage band performed a Stone Temple Pilots cover in a talent show. Rogers went on to work as a sideman for several years. playing guitar and singing harmony vocals. More Info
Reckless Kelly Reckless Kelly's roots reach back to Idaho and Oregon. where brothers Willy and Cody Braun paired their state-required education with a musical school of learning taught by their father. Muzzie Braun and the Boys (that also included other members of the Braun clan) took to the stage. playing western swing regionally. as well as on the Grand Ole Opry and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. By their late-teens. the Brauns had been bitten by a rock and roll bug and started their own band in high school. After their first incarnation hit the skids. they ran into Nazz and formed a new alliance. one that would shape their sound. The band played one final show in the Pacific Northwest before packing the bags for Austin. Texas. More Info
Rich O'Toole Rich O'Toole is a singer/songwriter from Houston. Texas. In early 2007. O'Toole released his debut album. Seventeen. which was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Mack Damon. Three songs from the album. "Queen of the Misfits." "When Kelly Comes to Town." and "Alone." reached the Texas Music top ten. Americana Music Times. then called Texas Music Times. named Seventeen the "Best Album of 2006 That No One Told You About. More Info
Roger Creager For more than a decade. Roger Creager built a reputation on his distinctive brand of hard-core. rabble-rousing Texas Country music. on his rich. full-bodied voice that can carry a tune for miles. and on his exceptional ability to work thousands of Texans into a rabid frenzy with his voice and guitar. in the great concert tradition of Jerry Jeff Walker and Robert Earl Keen. Along the way. he's been writing some mighty fine instant classics about family heirlooms. fields of bluebonnets. and late night trips to Mexico. Four albums. hundreds of thousands of road miles. and an ever-expanding fan base later. Here It Is has Roger Creager laying his cards on the table with thirteen songs that are arguably his best batch yet. More Info
The Rusty Brothers We like country music. We like playing country music. Steven and Andrew McWilliams, Louisiana-born and Texas-raised brothers, have played country music together since they could wrap their hands around their dad's guitar. In May 2013, the brothers released their sophomore album ("Revival") to country radio. This record, produced by Erik Herbst (Eli Young, Norah Jones, The Eagles), is supported by countless live shows throughout the south. No strangers to flat tires and engine failures, the band has visited nearly every honky-tonk in Texas. More Info
Robert Earl Keen "I would love to have been one of the great singers in the world -- like Vince Gill or someone like that -- even if it was just for one hour," says Robert Earl Keen. "But I really feel like my gift is writing songs. That's just there and it's always been there. I don't know why, but I always have stories -- they don't all have to be true, just good. If I could put a subtitle on my best songs, it would be 'based on a good story.'" With his latest Lost Highway album, The Rose Hotel (which hit #1 on the Americana charts), Keen re-confirms his place among the Lone Star State's great storytellers, capable of painting rich, poignant landscapes worthy of Cormac McCarthy and spinning satirical yarns that'd do Kinky Friedman proud. The disc's rough-hewn tone -- it's one of the more immediate, organic efforts in Keen's varied catalog -- emphasizes both ends of that emotional spectrum, with Band-styled organ washes dappling the evocative title track and a hoedown-worthy breakdown propelling the wry "Wireless in Heaven" to its conclusion. More Info
Ray Johnston Band It doesn't take more than a second or two after meeting country-rock musician Ray Johnston to figure out he's one determined dude. Though his motto is "smile hard," he seems to live by a more famous mantra: "Failure is not an option." Determination drove the lanky Montgomery, Ala., native to make good on his childhood pledge that he would one day play pro basketball; he wound up joining the Dallas Mavericks as a free agent in 2004. It's what helped him turn his passion for music into his post-basketball profession, leading the Ray Johnston Band, which just completed a new album, AGAINST THE GRAIN. And most of all, it's what kept him going as he battled leukemia. Five times. More Info
Sunny Sweeney True to her Texas honky-tonk roots, Sunny Sweeney has never been a singer of what you'd call "soft" country songs the kind you might turn to for easy comfort and or quiet Sunday afternoons with the family. Hell, you can tell just by the titles of her first two albums Heartbreaker's Hall of Fame and Concrete that she reaches straight for the hard stuff. So when this woman sees fit to name her third album Provoked, you better believe she's not about to start playing coy now. No, this is where the real hurtin' starts, and Sweeney's showing no mercy least of all to herself. More Info
Shy Blakeman The music community has tried for decades to define country music. Are steel guitars and fiddles required? Or is the essence based in the true-to-life message? Shy Blakeman is an old soul who portrays his own country music heritage on Long Distance Man, his acclaimed third studio album. Blakeman successfully melds together all the rural musical styles from below the Mason-Dixon line in order to create an album that is "so eclectic it's really hard to try and define it by one genre. And that's the way it should be," Blake notes. "But it all still feels within the realm of what country music is and used to be." This unique style developed naturally from a childhood in Wyoming and East Texas, added to years spent in Nashville, New York and LA collaborating with an eclectic group of classic country-rock musicians. More Info
Seth Candan I started picking on the guitar early in high school. but at that time. it was just hobby to me. I was really moved by the "Texas Country" scene . after attending a Fall Fandango concert at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. in The Woodlands. TX. with my older brother and his friends. After that. I was hooked and eventually found myself singing along and playing to artists I saw that day. I found myself writing songs and playing everyday. so I formed a band with some local classmates. and with just a few originals and a hand full of covers. I soon landed us our first gig! We started out as a house band. opening for some big name bands every Sunday. at venue called Reno's. in Webster.Tx . More Info
Sam Sliva With roots in rock. blues and country. it's hard to put a label on Sam Sliva and the Good. the Austin based band that released its debut album. SEE YOU AROUND. in the summer of '08. Drawing comparisons to the likes of the Killers. Steve Earle. and Texas legend Robert Earl Keen. Sliva and his trio lack nothing in the way of style. And recently they've had no shortage of compliments either. Texas Music Magazine likened the group to "channel[ing] the best of The Band and the Counting Crows". While flattering associations with multi-platinum musicians might be new to them. it's nothing that Sam Sliva and the Good stumbled upon overnight. The group has been honing its sound for years. playing gigs almost nightly. across Texas and beyond. More Info
Sonny Burgess Sonny Burgess is a true Traditional Country Music Artist. The natural ease he exudes on stage is a hint that this ain't his first rodeo. He is a CMA Artist Winner and Texas Country Music Hall of Famer. His discography of four releases has scored 11 top 10's in the Texas Country Music Charts Burgess has hosted the Nashville Fan Fair/CMA Music Festival and the International Music Awards. He has played the Grand Old Opry on several occasions and walked the Red Carpet at the American Country Music Awards. In addition he has played three times for former President George W. Bush during his campaign trail (twice in Iowa and once in Ohio). He's built his career in Texas and Tennessee bringing inevitable good lessons hard earned. Standing here today Sonny demonstrates that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. More Info
Shawn Fussell Texas-born singer/songwriter and guitarist Shawn Fussell isn't afraid of hard work. He proved it in his previous career as a tilesmith, a joint-cracking, back-aching occupation where meticulous craftsmanship is the only acceptable standard. And he has proved it in his musical career, honing his skills and his art over a series of years and self-released albums until he was ready to release a full-fledged debut, Shawn Fussell (2009) that is up to his exacting standards. Working with producer/engineer and musician Eric McKinney (Mark McKinney, the Weary Boys, Colin Gilmore) as well as bassist Tim Casterline and drummer Keith Hernandez, Shawn produced a handful of robust new songs which he paired with re-imagined songs from his previous independent releases to produce a cohesive new sound that fits organically into the Texas Music/Red Dirt country-rock sound of Texas and the Southwest while still keeping its roots in the innovative, genre-crossing tradition of Shawn's musical idols. Heartfelt, lived-in originals like "Why'd You Lie" and "Serenity Song" juxtapose naturally with open-ended rockers such "Days and Daze" and his single, "Ride", which reached the top 30 on the Texas Music Charts. And, as something of a counterpoint to Shawn's first-person approach to songwriting, "Tulia, TX" is a searing account of real-life racial injustice in West Texas. As such, it takes Shawn's songwriting to a new level. More Info
Scooter Brown Band After serving 4 years in the US Marine Corps and one tour of duty in Iraq. Scott Brown and Best friend Brandon Robelia returned home to in hand. Scott and Brandon met in the Marine Corps in 1999. Scott had never picked up a guitar. and Brandon only knew a few chords. Eager to learn. Scott would make his way down to Brandon's barracks room and steal his guitar until he finally bought his own. Mostly playing for fellow Marines and friends. the two spent most of their time picking and waiting for the day they could go back to Texas for good and pursue the music that they loved. More Info
Scott Wiggins Band After a year that brought two Top-10 radio hits and nearly 200 shows. the Scott Wiggins Band has set itself in prime position to take the "next-step" in 2010. The quartet that saw its beginnings in Corpus Christi and now calls the New Braunfels/Austin area home has seen its fair share of big and small over the years...from opening slots for Eli Young Band and Pat Green to corner dives in small towns...but one thing has always stayed true. the passion to bring the best possible music to the people. The lineup of vocalist-guitarist Scott Wiggins. drummer John Diaz. bassist Ryan Fedako. and lead guitarist-harmony vocalist Keith Davis has meshed to create a sound that is one in its own...electric. dynamic. and energetic. More Info
Sheila Marshall Think "Emmylou Harris. Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt" When the best elements of these legendary singers are combined. you get the powerful musical styling of talented singer-songwriter Sheila Marshall. "As a small child I remember trying to sing louder than everybody else." Sheila recalls. "I just loved singing. I think more than the average kid." Sheila's musical versatility comes from an influence that spans music genres. from Led Zeppelin and Lucinda Williams to Tammy Wynette and Willie Nelson. Her sound mixes elements of country. pop. gospel and rock & roll. More Info
Steve Helms Band What does the University of Texas, Cat's Baseball, Lone Star Park and the Texas Rangers have in common? The Steve Helms Band and the hit single "Nowhere But Texas". This new found Texas anthem can be heard playing loud and proud at all UT sporting events, at ball games for both the Texas Rangers and the Fort Worth Cats ball clubs and at the Lone Star Park horse races. More Info
Stoney LaRue STONEY LARUE At 3 years old. Stoney LaRue could be found belting out "Swinging" by John Anderson on his Mr. Microphone radio. The son of a struggling bass player and a nurse. LaRue understood the allure of music at an early age. and recorded his first works at age twelve. He earned accolades through school for his unmatched vocal abilities and promising instrumental talents. Many subscribe Stoney LaRue to the category of artists that are simply natural born performers. just don't try to limit him by category. Born in Taft.Texas. LaRue actually spent the majority of his adolescence north of the Red River. where he was raised in Southeastern Oklahoma . He never really pictured himself doing anything else but making good music. so LaRue eventually made his way to the state's Red Dirt hotbed of Stillwater. where he began to develop his individualized style from a widespread range of influences. More Info
Sean McConnell Sean McConnell has been performing on stage ever since he can remember. He was born into a family of full-time musicians. which inspired Sean to travel down the musical road. Growing up in the coffee houses of the Boston folk scene. Sean watched his parents playing songs written by Joni Mitchell. Bruce Springsteen. David Wilcox. Shawn Colvin. Harry Chapin. CSNY. James Taylor and others of the like. Unknown to himself or his parents. Sean was soaking it all in and locking it away somewhere inside. More Info
The Statesboro Revue If we're honest, the true weight of any band or artist is chiefly determined by how they translate to us in a live performance setting. Can they breach that intangible border between the stage and the gathered onlookers? Can they slip in like a steady rising state of inebriation, stealing our attention, controlling our emotions and ultimately drawing us into their world? Does their energy continue to vibrate within us well after the last chords have been played and our daily life comes to reclaim us? These are probably some of the questions one writer from Rolling Stone Magazine had running through his head before he proclaimed The Statesboro Revue as one of the highlights of the 2009 South by Southwest Conference and Festival. The Statesboro Revue goes back to 2008, but the evolving vision of front man and primary songwriter Stewart Mann goes back much further. More Info
Sam Riggs and the Night People "Sam Riggs wears a legacy of honest country, makes good rock, writes lyrics that matter and straps on a stage presence second to none." -- Ray Wylie Hubbard Receiving a hand up in this business of music from the likes of Ray Wylie Hubbard is no small accomplishment, and that mentorship and sometimes harsh instruction was not lost on Sam Riggs, who has had the fortunate opportunity to meander through Wylie's cerebral countryside over the last few years. At the time of their meeting, Riggs was already a commercially-viable songwriter with an impressive root system, having sprung from his family's musical genes; but he was still feeding off the unripe fruits of his youth. Through the songwriting school of Hubbard, he learned the time-honored virtue of patience and the aptitude for turning the rough and tumble falls to the ground into a steady, recovered gait. More Info
Saints Eleven Saints Eleven's music is full of self-controlled, natural energy. Not only does it show on stage, but on their debut album, "I'll be Fine" as well. Every song on the album is different. Each song has a certain country/rock swag to it, but unique in its own way. Producer John David Kent says, "This is an album to be proud of." More Info
Steven James The past decade has seen Steven James crisscrossing Texas and the South with his past two successful rock bands. Now, he's ready to strike out on his own. The young singer who often draws comparisons to Kings of Leon or Black Keys has teamed with acclaimed producer/engineer Lars Goransson, in Austin, who has produced international hit records from groups including The Cardigans; and some of Austin's music royalty including What Made Milwaukee Famous, Alpha Rev and members of Fastball. More Info
Scott Dean Recalling a Bygone Era of Texas Honky-Tonk Music, Scott Dean Does It "All Over Again" Scott Dean is doing it all over again! After ten years as a contemporary rock and roller (selling more than 50,000 albums and performing over 1,000 shows across the world), Dean is emerging onto the Texas Country scene with a honky-tonk vibe that gets back to the basics of dancin' and drinkin' the night away in true dancehall fashion. As a country newcomer, with a respect and admiration for the artists who started it all, it's only fitting that Dean's traditional sound reminds of Buck Owen's Bakersfield, Johnny Cash's fiery spirit, Dwight Yoakam's vocal style and an era of country music's past that many long for. More Info
Sim Balkey Sim Balkey has a distinctive voice which, quite simply, doesn't sound like anyone else in country music today. There's an edgy intensity in his voice that brings out the best in every song whether it's a vulnerable ballad or up tempo party anthem. Balkey infuses lyrics with a warmth and authority that draws the listener into every song and makes it memorable. More Info
Tom Cheatham Tom Cheatham is a Dallas, TX native who has picked, strummed and fought his way through the Texas music scene one dive bar at a time. After living in Austin, TX for 5 years, music became an important part of Cheatham's life. He moved back to Dallas and began writing songs and pursuing his craft at local venues. Following his dream hasn't always come easy. But late nights, long road trips and an incurable love of music have rallied to create an artist charged for the next phase of his career. More Info
Tyler & the Tribe From hard and alt. rock bands hail the composite of the Tribe. We have been part of numerous projects and through a little studio time, we have finally found our destination. We can all truly say that we love each other and are having the time of our lives seeing this project take off. More Info
Tori Martin Tori is 20 years old and from Azle, Texas just outside of Fort Worth. Azle has proudly deemed her their "Singing Sensation!" The Country Singer is shooting for the stars as she erupts on the Music Scene. Tori amazes crowds with her classic southern charm, graceful beauty, then wows them with her energy filled stage presence, heart felt performance, & powerful voice. She has been affectionately called, an "Old Soul," no doubt reflecting her influence by Classic Country and the Great Legends of music. She seeks to show this love in every performance, with her own unique, soulful, and strong sound. Tori also writes her own songs, amazing even the most seasoned songwriters & producers with her skills, able to write both lyrically & melodically. More Info
The Damn Quails The Damn Quails started as a weekly jam session at The Deli in Norman, Oklahoma. Looking back, the fact that the band began so organically, could be considered somewhat of a miracle. At the epicenter of these weekly jams was Bryon White and Gabe Marshall. Both had been playing music in the Oklahoma area for some time, and when these two forces collided the harmony between them was undeniable. Some would say that it is hazardous to put two guys on stage that can write, sing, and play guitar. As everyone knows, egos can get in the way. This wasn't the case with Bryon and Gabe. Their singing, songwriting, and guitar playing utilizing both electric and acoustic guitars, meld together in such a way that it's hard to tell where one starts and the other stops. More Info
Tejas Brothers After forming in the fall of 2006, the Tejas Brothers quickly became the subject of big conversation around the stockyards of Fort Worth. Within a few short years, they had earned the respect as one of the best live acts in Texas. More Info
Turnpike Troubadours The Turnpike Troubadours. whose name is derived from the bumpy Oklahoma toll-roads and their hard lived folk singing heroes. are proof that isolation can be the mother of originality. Cutting its teeth in roadside dancehalls and honky-tonks has made a serious impact on the band's musical style. which walks the proverbial line between Woody Guthrie and Waylon Jennings. "Bossier City." the band's debut album. is a testament to the small towns in which they were raised. It combines Folk. Country. Cajun. and Bluegrass with stories of longing. humor. tragedy. and overall life in rural America. More Info
Trey Wilson He has a rich country voice, an ear for mixing a memorable melody with small-town inspired lyrics and the authentic upbringing to back it all up. More Info
Tim Angsten Angsten's love for music began when he was just 12 years old. Alone in his room, Angsten would write and record music on a four track digital recorder for hours on end. By the time he was in junior high he was rockin' in bars with his father and brother in their family band American Pie. With music blaring and smoke so thick you couldn't see four feet in front of you, Angsten knew that music was his calling. More Info
Uncle Lucius Austin-based Americana rock band Uncle Lucius released its new studio album, And You Are Me, on August 28, 2012. Recorded in Austin and Nashville, And You Are Me finds Uncle Lucius stretching their musicianship and reeling in eleven songs that punch with a fullness reminiscent of The Doors to early Black Crowes. Uncle Lucius takes rock and roll from its deep roots, pushes it onward by putting their own honest interpretation of new rock sounds with elements of r&b and blues added. The band includes Kevin Galloway on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Mike Carpenter on lead guitar and vocals, Josh Greco on drums and percussion and Jon Grossman on lead vocals, and keys. The most recent single from And You Are Me, "Somewhere Else" is playing at radio stations now. More Info
William Clark Green With honest and personal lyrics, William Clark Green's music lures-in and relates his audience to real-life inspiration. Growing up in small-town Flint, Texas, Will started writing at thirteen. After some practice and encouragement, Will opened for The Dragliners in College Station. However, being only fourteen at the time, he forgot almost all the lyrics to his diligently-rehearsed show. More Info
Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros San Antonio-born Walt Wilkins has been called a genius. more than once. and a writer the caliber of John Steinbeck and his voice as comfortable as a pair of old blue jeans. and he is. and has. all of that. His crafting of story-songs. hard-edged vocals to sing them and a plaintive guitar have made him a fixture of the Texas music scene (and Nashville before that). He's put his magical touch on recordings by new and veteran artists. too many to count. Is he near done? Hasn't he done it all? Double hell no. With The Mystiqueros. Wilkins has created something of a "Texas Hill Country super-group" that features five great singers and four great songwriters from the heart of the Lone Star State. all of whom have made their own records and are flush with recording credits. More Info
Wade Bowen As one of the biggest stars on the Texas Red Dirt music scene. Wade Bowen is helping spread the music that has so much history and is the heartbeat of the Southwest. Bowen came from simple beginnings and played his very first show with his long time friend and guitarist Matt Miller at his uncle's restaurant. He now tours over 250 days a year throughout the United States and still has managed to remember where he came from. As proud graduate of Texas Tech University in Lubbock. Texas with a degree in Public Relations. the life of a songwriter was never a dream. but as he puts it "I never had that moment where it hit me that singing was going to be what I did for a career. More Info
Whiskey Myers In a modest rent house in the small East Texas town of Elkhart. Texas. Cody Cannon and Cody Tate began to write music. only dreaming of the success that is sure to follow. They began to incorporate the talent and imagination of friend and guitarist John Jeffers. At that time. they called themselves Lucky Southern. though they had only three members. As time passed. with their inspiration mounting. they moved to Tyler. Texas. There they met up with Jeff Hogg. a mutual friend and drummer from Palestine. Texas. and Gary Brown. a bass guitarist who had grown up in Neches. Texas. They came together and came to be known as Whiskey Myers. More Info
Zane Williams It didn't make any difference how Zane Williams went about writing a song, it just came out country. You might say Zane didn't so much find country as country found him. And that suits him just fine. More Info
ZACH SETH Zach Seth Figueroa - Lead Vocals, Guitar Leland Rooney - Lead Guitar, Harmony Vocals Mike Cox - Bass Kelly Leblanc - Drums Hailing out of Fort Worth, TX is singer songwriter, Zach Seth Figueroa. He has the presence on stage to captivate an audience and the honest songwriting that every heartfelt fan can relate to. He began playing shows around the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2009 with his band, Two Door Ford. In 2010, Two Door Ford released their first demo entitled Empty Pockets, which propelled them into the 2010 Shiner Rising Star Competition. The competition proved to be groundbreaking for the band, where they rounded out as finalists and gained ample exposure in the process. More Info
Zach Coffey Coming off of his top 10 charting hit, I Love You Anyway, Zach has blown onto the Texas music scene. Growing up in Oklahoma, Zach saw first-hand the Red Dirt movement. He started performing on various opry stages and attended college at Oklahoma Baptist University. More Info
Spencer Elliott Spencer Elliott was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He grew up in the small town of Saginaw where he graduated from Boswell High School in 2007. After graduation, he moved to California where he became a Navy Corpsman and served with the United States Marine Corps. More Info
Doc West "Passionate about my music it allows me to express myself and to connect with others through a song." Doc West, always knew it was what he wanted to do while growing up on a ranch in Flatonia, Texas. Influenced at an early age by George Strait, Randy Travis, Keith Whitley, Garth Brooks, Chris Ledoux, and Merle Haggard. -- it wasn't until college that all the "Pieces" started coming together. More Info
Adam Fears "For most of my life, I just figured I'd follow in my father's footsteps, as most people in rural East Texas do, and jump right into the oil field after college," Fears admits. "It was fully and one hundred percent through the power of a lot of long conversations with the man upstairs that got me into the music business." More Info
Adam Hood With a John Denver grin and mind full of Alabama attitude, Adam Hood knows the beautiful mess of blue-collar love and everyone on Music Row wants in. Tracks from his critically acclaimed 2011 album The Shape of Things have been cut by Little Big Town, David Nail, Josh Abbott Band, Brian Keane and John Corbett. The legendary Willie Nelson and Leon Russell have each picked Hood for respective national tours. More Info
AJ Guel AJ Guel started his musical journey as a child listening to his grandmother sing hymns in her kitchen in Danevang, Tx. "She would sing along to cassettes of the church choir as she cooked for the older kids and adults that were working in the cotton fields. Something about the songs and the melodies just drew me in." Singing and playing instruments seemed to come naturally to AJ as he got into the Jr. High and High School band. More Info
Ben McPeak As one of the rising stars of the Texas country music scene, Ben McPeak's versatility and crowd-pleasing appeal has landed him on the A-list of promoters across the state. His new self-titled album is set to release in early 2015, and contains hard rockin' country, traditional country stylings and delicate, emotive ballads. He has assembled a tight knit group of musicians who are poised to take him all over Texas and beyond. This is truly an exciting time for this Texas troubadour. More Info
Brad Good Rock, Country or Soul, the "Southern Grit" sound that these guys have is one you haven't heard in WAY too long. Their much anticipated debut album "THIRD G3NERATION ONLY SON" was engineered at Pleasantry Lane in Dallas, TX, released in July 2013, they're currently working on production of another album, as well as the release of a professional video, and they're ready to bring one of Alt Country's best live shows to you! More Info
Bret Mullins Raised in Grand Prairie, TX, Bret Mullins made his way to San Antonio in 1996 after graduating from Tarleton State University with a degree in Agricultural Business. Country music has been a life long passion to say the least. 2007 marked a new chapter for Bret when he started performing live with The Burning Desires throughout the South. More Info
Brett Hauser Stepping on to the Texas music scene with the debut album, "A Little More Time", the Oklahoma born and Texas raised Brett Hauser has been working hard to cut his teeth in an industry that tends to chew up most. Stubborn resilience has carried this songwriter to some of the major venues of the Texas Music Scene. His lyrical imagery brings the listener truths discovered through his own experiences and observations of life which we can all relate to. More Info
Mario Flores The Soda Creek Band was formed in 2007 by Mario Flores of Helotes, TX. The band currently plays the Texas music scene including corporate and private events all over the state and beyond. 2013 was a breakout year for Mario Flores scoring 3 top 10 singles in Texas, two going top 5. More Info
Ty Dillon Since his career start in the winter of 2011, Ty Dillon has been working on 5 of his original songs that would be on his first project as a Texas Country Artist. In the Winter of 2012, he began recording his self-titled EP. While in the studio, he had the opportunity to record with two of the Josh Abbott Band members and one of Robert Earl Keen's musicians. More Info
Danny Kline and the Texas 46 Danny Kline is a singer/songwriter from New Braunfels, Texas. Currently living in the heart of real Country music, Gruene Texas. Raised in The coastal hay fields of South Texas, Danny learned to play guitar from listening to his father pick on his acoustic. Graduating from a small High school, More Info
Bryan Shayne Bryan Shayne was born in Louisiana. He started playing guitar as soon as he could hold one on his lap and sang every chance he got (whether anyone wanted to hear him or not - :)). More Info
JW Lane & County Road X J.W. Lane and County Road X is a band like no other! The band's style has been shaped by a diversity of influences-traditional and contemporary country music, gospel, some rock "n roll(mostly of the Southern variety), More Info
Southern Sky Texas Country has been around for years. From Bob Wills to Willie Nelson to the more modern day Randy Rogers Band and Wade Bowen. Texas has always created its own unique space in country music. Texas Country has become so popular, in fact, that it even has its own category on iTunes. The founders of Southern Sky are deeply embedded in these Texas Country roots. Jamie Weston and Scott Pearson are both 3rd and 4th generation musicians raised in the middle of the Texas Country music scene. These roots lead to dream that became Southern Sky. More Info
Hayley McDaniel I love Texas Country and Red Dirt Music. My songs are written from family and life experiences, and aim to stay true to my roots. More Info
ABBEY CONE She's only sixteen years old and has already won the admiration and support from some the most influential names in Texas music. But "song" is a hastened traveler and Abbey Cone's voice has quickly become well received by the esteemed music community in Nashville as well. So what's a young starling to do when faced with so many opportunities and professional courtships to consider? She's going to take the sage advice given to her by Josh Abbott, an artist well versed in this business of music. She's going to take it step-by-step and not force what is already in her grander plan. More Info
The Electric Cowboys Over the course of their career,The Electric Cowboys have received multiple awards in some of the country's major music categories, including three Grammy nominations, over 1 million views on YouTube and a top eight-7 million vote finish on CMT's Music Madness Video Contest! More Info
Gabe Garcia It all started at the age of 15 when Gabe Garcia from Lytle Texas began his path in the music world. As his older brother Juan Garcia was the singer in the family, he gave Gabe the likings and interest to join into the journey and opportunities that still haven't ended for Gabe. At 15 years old Gabe recorded his first 2 song demo in Nashville with his brother's Highschool buddy Touchstone Mcdonald. When Gabe turned 16, his brother left to College leaving behind a guitar that Gabe self taught himself with and where a year later Gabe joined a band from Pearsall Texas called the "Texas Wranglers". More Info
John Arthur Martinez In 2004, on the heels of his second-place finish on the TV talent competition Nashville Star, singer-songwriter john Arthur martinez released an album titled Lone Starry Night, which climbed to No. 49 on Billboard magazine's Top Country Albums chart. In 2015, he's reaching for the stars again, so to speak, with the Feb. 15 release of If Stars Could Sing on his own JAM Records label. More Info
Tommy Joe Wilson Born in the small "Salt Town" Grand Saline,Tx, Tommy Joe Wilson never forgot where he comes from and it's easily heard in his music. Songs about backroads and barrooms are everywhere, but TJW has lived them. He started playing honkytonks at the age of 13 and his seasoned baritone voice draws on influences like George Strait, Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, Keith Whitley, and Alabama. More Info
Brian Milson Brian Milson was born and raised in Odessa, Texas and is a graduate of the storied Permian High School and the Permian Panther Football Program. Brian started singing in junior high school and it grew into a passion. At the age of 17 he picked up the guitar and taught himself how to play. More Info
Dan Adams Dan Adams is a singer/songwriter that has made Austin, TX home to be in the heart of the Texas/Red Dirt music scene. After over 10 years in Nashville, he's now sharing the stage with fellow Texas Troubadours - and loving the way Texans embrace independent, original music. More Info
Shotgun Rider Shotgun Rider is headed by duo Logan Samford and Anthony Enriquez. Shotgun Rider hails from small towns in West Texas, situated between Lubbock and Amarillo. Shotgun Rider is a misnomer, a contradiction - one who never wants to sit and watch idly in the passenger seat, but strives to make their own way. Logan, the band's lead singer, controls a wide range and powerful vocal, while Anthony, the band's lead guitarist, is the main songwriter for the group. More Info
Casey Berry Calling Canyon TX his home, Casey Berry and his Live Texas Mosquitoes have hit stages throughout the hallowed dance halls of Texas and travelled red dirt roads, from The Wormy Dog and The Golden Light, to Larry Joe Taylor's Texas Music Festival. More Info
Cody Jinks Conceived in a honky tonk long, long ago, Cody now makes his living in them. Accompanied by the Tonedeaf Hippies, he rolls across the land and the oceans onto other lands to sow a collective musical seed. Not like the brazen giant of "Texas/Red Dirt" fame, he is a fair-sized man with a Zippo whose flame longs to be ignited by the sound of real music. More Info
Bryan Fontenot Standing in the circle of the Grand Ole Opry or among friends, Bryan Fontenot, energizes an audience like no other. Country, Rock, Blues, or Western Swing, he brings his best every time he steps to the microphone. This ex bull-rider, loves entertaining the crowd! More Info
Holly Tucker 21 year-old Holly Tucker has accomplished a great deal in the past 8 years of beginning her career in country music, but her musical story begins even before she was born. Her parents, Johnny and Cheryl Tucker, founded a professional Christian band when they were in college called Revised Edition. More Info
Chance Anderson From sharing a piano bench with his grandmother, to opening for Joe Walsh, Dierks Bentley, Eli Young Band, Cody Canada, Reckless Kelly, Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers Band, Stoney LaRue, Bleu Edmondson, Kevin Fowler, Colt Ford, Rich O'Toole, No Justice, Charlie Robison, Mike McClure, and many other great artists...Chance Anderson has realized his fate. More Info
Bryce Dicus 25 year old Bryce Dicus grew up in Catoosa Oklahoma. Bryce fell in love with music at an early age. He started playing at age 13 when his grandfather bought him his first guitar. Bryce started playing in church, and little gigs all the way through his sophomore year in high school. More Info
Hill Country Jane Since 2005, Hill Country Jane have been steadily gaining momentum on the Texas Music scene. Starting out as an acoustic trio in Austin, and now based in their hometown of Houston, Hill Country Jane has evolved into something a little different than most of what you'll hear coming out of Southeast Texas these days. More Info
Austin English Born in Fort Worth Texas, Austin grew up in the Austin area. While attending rodeos and dancehalls at an early age with his family, he began listening to Chris Ledoux, George Strait and Clint Black as early as age 5. The more dancehalls he attended the more his passion for the dancehall circuit grew. More Info
Miles Williams There are many things to be said about the artist Miles Williams, but to really understand his passion & love for music, to know his work ethic and convictions to strive to be the best is evident in his music and personality alike. Those things combined with humility and a "never forget where you come from", know your roots in music mentality is what will surely prove him to be a great artist, leader, an outlaw and with the test of time a country legend. He strives to change the way you listen and perceive music today. More Info
Jay Parr After seeing Jay Parr perform on stage or hearing his voice out of your laptop, phone, or car stereo, it is hard to imagine his first girlfriend once told him if he ever tried singing, the audience would laugh him off the stage. In contrast, his deep rich voice has crowds cheering for him to come back after concerts and calling and asking radio stations to play his hit tunes like, "You're Gonna Miss Me", "Victoria", and "Start Over Again" off of the Ponder, Texas recording artist's debut album,"This Small Town". More Info
Kaleb McIntire Landing hard after the success of his 2012 album SCARS, Kaleb fielded offers from several major labels. Unwilling to give up his vision for what his next record should be, he turned down offers and set out to blaze his own path in the country music business. To do so he had to step back, take time to develop his sound, and find the perfect team to bring his vision to reality. It wouldn't be a quick process. It would take two years. More Info
Rumor Town Rumor Town are not new to the music scene, but are coming "Full Circle" - When something "comes full circle," it completes a cycle, returns to its beginnings. In the early 80's, brothers Jay Eric Pfannstiel and Matt Aaron Pfannstiel along with fellow High School bandmates Bruce Schwarz, started a band called Blieders Creek. Influenced by the Urban Cowboy era and $3 admissions to see George Strait and his Ace In The Hole Band, thought of trying out the music thing themselves, after all it looked pretty cool. Jump ahead on the Time line, drummer friend John Thiem is added to the lineup. More Info
Mike Chism and Hollow Point Michael Chism scoured the Texas Panhandle; searching far and wide in hopes of finding the best musicians that Texas had to offer. The results of his efforts are now known as: The Hollow Point Band. Going strong since 2008; Mike Chism and Hollow Point deliver explosive performances packed full of astonishing vocals, and mind-blowing musical talent! Sharing the stage with names such as: JB and the Moonshine Band, Rob Baird, Randy Rogers Band, Wade Bowen, Casey Berry, Thieving Birds, Matt Martindale, Eleven Hundred Springs, and Max Stalling; More Info
Sundance Head Sundance Head has been singing for as long as he can remember. The son of singer Roy Head, who scored a #2 smash hit in 1965 with "Treat her Right,'. More Info
Abraham Weaver With a blend of smooth country notes brightly complemented with a commanding and room- filling power, the voice of Austin, Texas' very own Abraham Weaver* Born and raised in South Texas, Abraham made his way to Austin, Texas after a run in the South and East Texas music circuits. Early in his career Abraham had the opportunity of opening for some of the top 90's acts such as Perfect Stranger, Eddy Raven, Tracy Lawrence, Johnny Rodriguez, Hank Williams III, Hal Ketchum, Ty Herndon, Doug Supernaw, Daryle Singletary, Rhett Akins, Kenny Chesney, Rick Trevino and many others. More Info
Mike and the Moonpies Mike and the Moonpies are the modern face of the outlaw country music movement. From their home in Austin, Texas, they carry the torch of their predecessors, while maintaining the originality and independence that the genre is infamous for. The Moonpies, led by Texas born songwriter Mike Harmeier, manage themselves and produce their own albums. More Info
Eli Hundley Eli Hundley is a Singer/Songwriter from the Bitterroot Valley in Southwest Montana. An emerging artist on the Americana and Country Music scene, Eli delivers an authentic portrait of an American cowboy through stories and songs straight from the heart of this country. Working the oil rigs of North Dakota and West Texas, Eli captures a lifestyle in his music, as real as the bars and honkytonks, interstates and back country that define his world. More Info
Texas Crossing From the hills, to the beaches and everywhere in between this Texas duo can be seen rockin the stages of honkytonks bars and parties everywhere in between. Texas country in its most unadulterated form with male and female vocals that will want to make you sing along and dance all night long! More Info
Kensie Coppin Kensie Coppin is a southern-rooted singer/songwriter from the great state of Texas who carries a deep passion for country music. So deep, she picked up and moved to Music City USA at the age of 13. Now 18, Kensie has graduated from high school one year early to pursue her music career full force. More Info
Marty Heddin Lead singer at Cowboys Red River in Dallas, TX More Info
Fools of the Trade Initially performing as an "All Acoustic" band under the name "The Hillbilly Jug Band" for the first 2 years of our career and releasing our first album under the same name February 12th, 2013, we decided it was time to take it to the next level. In early 2014, we added Jason Edwards on bass and later added Randy Miller on drums began the process of becoming a band that can fit seamlessly into the vibrant Texas/Red Dirt music scene. In April 2014, we launched our new band name "Fools of the Trade" to support our "Full Band" album called "Into the Storm" which was released November 18th, 2014. Our first radio single "As For Me" was released February 9th across Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Kansas radio stations, along with Internet Radio worldwide. "As For Me" reached #53 on the Texas Regional Radio Report and reached #72 on the Texas Music Chart. On July 27th, 2015 we released our 2nd single "My Place in Life" to Texas radio. More Info
Philip Griffin Growing up in a small town seems to be one of the best references for an interesting life. You walk down the street everyone knows your name and blue collar work is what youre taught. The city calls your name and the bright lights of Friday night can be seen from miles away. More Info
Julia Hatfield Julia Hatfield is a young, vivacious singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Navasota, Texas who is forging her own sound encompassing a unique blend of contemporary and traditional country music. More Info
Moonlight Social A new kind of country duo from Austin, Texas. Winner of some awards, and hopefully your hearts! Sugarland meets The Civil Wars, with an edge. More Info
Stephanie Urbina Jones "As an artist that freely combines the singer/songwriter vibe with the hot blooded traditional sounds of Mexico, Jones naturally embraces a wider swath of the Lone star state than her contemporaries." Performing Songwriter Magazine Peter Cronin More Info
Cody Bryan Band Cody Bryan Band first started cutting their teeth in the country scene with a residency at the famous Austin listening room The Saxon Pub. Fans took notice, and it wasn't long before the guys were playing shows with Roger Creager, Granger Smith, Casey Donahew, Bart Crow and Nashville mainstay Will Hoge, to name a few. More Info
Erin Kinsey It is very rare in today's music industry to come across a young artist with the same love, passion, and tenacity for music as displayed by country singer-songwriter Erin Kinsey. Whether it's listening to her booming voice, or observing her skillful multi-instrumental abilities, it's hard to imagine that Erin Kinsey only has four years under her belt. The now 15-year-old performer from Rockwall, Texas began her career at the mere age of 11, and since has been perfecting her craft under the tutelage of some of the biggest names in modern music. "Her voice is a technical marvel," says vocal coach Brett Manning (Taylor Swift, Hayley Williams), and her instrumentalism has already earned her the recognition as an official artist of Taylor Guitars, Warrior Instruments, and Deering Banjos. More Info
MASON JAR REVIVAL Mason Jar Revival was formed in 2008 by Jeremy Cochran (Red Eye Gravy/Cold Shot), Jon Washington (Cold Shot), and Bud Doyle (Union Hill/South Forty). Along with Obie Armstrong on Bass, the group played shows throughout eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas. More Info
Justin Taylor Band Growing Texas country band from Deer Park, Texas just doing what we love. To see the crowd smile and dance along to the music, that's why we do what we do. The band started out of Deer Park, Texas and has been working on the material for their new album, Trouble in the Dark for the last year. They are young, so they know they have to work harder than all the others. They are taking the Pasadena Tx and Houston Tx by surprise." Writing is a magical thing, every song means something to someone, somewhere" says Justin Taylor (front man). They find inspiration from artist like The Randy Rogers Band and Cody Johnson. More Info
Jamie Talbert And The Band Of Demons High Energy Texas Country Band! Two singles in 2015 spent 28 weeks in the Texas Radio Top 100 and one of those made the Top 200 list for the entire year! More Info
Justin Myers Born in southern Georgia, raised in Nashville, hard driving country music seemed ingrained in Justin Myers from the start. Growing up an athlete, music was always the quiet secret known to only a select few. More Info
Smoke Wagon Smoke Wagon formed in 2011 off a random Craigslist post with an urge to put together a rock/country brand of music. Original members Brandon Neumann (Drums), Stephen Ochsner (Rhythm Guitar and vocals) and Jason Kahanek (Lead Guitar) were among the first to show up. After a quick audition of Jay Brown (Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar), the band was quickly formed. More Info
Justin Mason Justin was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He grew up listening to a wide variety of musical genres that spanned multiple generations. From George Strait, Hank Jr., Travis Tritt and Garth Brooks, to the Eagles, James Taylor, Jim Croce and Billy Joel, Justin listened and sang along to whatever was on the radio. More Info
Brandi Nicole Brandi's writing and singing styles are comparable to Shania Tawin, Sheryl Crow, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift and others. She loves to write, sing, record, and perform any chance she gets. She frequents open mic nights, small family oriented gigs, and works on recording projects for others as well. More Info
DAN JOHNSON AND SALT CEDAR REBELS The Salt Cedar Rebels, out of Amarillo, Texas, are bringing an Outlaw Country and Southern Rock rebellion with them to every stop along the road. Built on legendary Country influences like Hank Williams Jr, and Waylon Jennings as well as contemporary greats such as Zac Brown Band and Miranda Lambert, the Rebels ride that wonderful line between country and rock with influences like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers Band and new favorites such as the Band of Heathens and Statesboro Revue. More Info
Brandy Clark "Ain't we all the stars playing the leading part in our own soap opera?" Brandy Clark belts out that question to kick off Big Day in a Small Town, positing the premise of not just the opening track ("Soap Opera"), but all 10 songs that follow it. The towns that anchor Clark's new album may be small enough to warrant only a single blinking light, but the lives lived in them are anything but... and neither are the hopes and dreams that rise from their backroads and bedrooms. More Info
Jake Worthington At only 20 years old Jake Worthington has quite the resume. In 2014 Jake he was named "Runner-Up" on Season 6 of the hit NBC TV Show "The Voice". While on the show Jake managed to release 2 songs that reached the Top 20 on Billboard Heatseekers: His cover of Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting" hit #14 & his remake of Keith Whitley's "Don't Close Your Eyes" went to #17. But perhaps the most impressive of the feats was when Jake's rendition of the Bryan Adam's hit song "Heaven" reached #3 on Billboard Country Top Digital Songs. More Info
Todd Barrow Let's start by saying that Todd Barrow just flat out loves music. Todd began his music career at an early age and has had his share of accomplishments since that time. He is an incredible musician, songwriter, and producer who is comfortable with just about every genre of music. He's not a beginner by any means, having played and worked closely with some big names in the music industry. More Info
The LDJ Band The LDJ Band is a raw roots country band from Denton, TX that strives to produce songs people can relate to while keeping the pure country music tradition alive. Their debut album ""Wild And Free" is a mixture of studio and live recordings as they like many others love both! More Info
Jay Dirks While some may be a singer, a songwriter, or a guitar player, Jay Dirks can do it all. Residing from the great State of Texas, Jay Dirks has been professionally playing and writing his own music for over a decade now and has written over 100 original songs. From a young age it was obvious Jay had a musical ear. He started playing piano at the age of 7 and shortly after he caught the music bug he migrated to playing the guitar - that is where the story starts. With the help of Jay’s dad teaching him a few chords, it didn’t take Jay long to start singing and playing songs on the radio and eventually he started creating his own music. He grew up playing everything from rock, country, to blues which his style can be heard in his original music More Info
Wayne Garner Band Texas Country/ Red Dirt Band From Oklahoma/Texas. More Info
Austin Freeman Band Hailing from the west Texas town of El Paso, Austin Freeman is a musician that likes to stick to roots music. This local honky tonker has a sound that reminds you of back when country was, country. Be on the look out for his new single "Honky Tonk In Heaven" to be released soon. More Info
Abe Mac Band Texas Country singer from El Paso, TX! More Info
Maddison Livingston I have been consumed by my love of music going back before I could walk, hard to believe but even as a toddler holding on to the side of my playpen I was dancing up and down to the beat of music according to mom and dad. More Info
Ashton Dupre' Ashton is a country music singer who stays true to his classic country roots. More Info
Denny Herrin Country Music coming from the State Capital. More Info
American Aquarium For nearly a decade, American Aquarium have spent the majority of their days on the road, burning through a sprawl of highways during the day and playing hours of raw, rootsy rock & roll at night. Sometimes, the job is a grind. More Info
John Thibodeaux JOHN'S BIO Born in Marrero, Louisiana but raised the majority of his life in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas, John has a melting pot of influences when it comes to cooking up some good music. As John would say, “I’m a Texan seasoned with some Cajun spice.” Starting out in music at the age of 14, John paid his dues in Texas honky tonks while improving his proficiency in the craft of making music. More Info
Natalie Rose The first time I remember performing, it was on top of my family's coffee table with my back turned to my aunts, uncles, cousins or any one else who'd take time to listen to my renditions of "Coat of Many Colors" and "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". Occasionally, I'd do a big finale with "My Way". They weren't allowed to clap, or I'd cry. I thought clapping was only something you did when someone did a really bad job, but you still wanted to be nice. (Apparently it turns out I was wrong! That's good to know.) Now the first time my parents remember me performing, it was most likely as soon as I could form sentences. I can't remember that far back. More Info
Heather Rayleen Heather Rayleen Bennefield says most of her memories of childhood involve music in some way or another. As soon as she was talking she was singing and started performing at churches and rodeos as early as age 6. She also sang in the school choir and talent shows as well. More Info
Clay Hollis Clay Hollis presents country music, in its purest form; simple and powerful. Born in the Rio Grande Valley and raised in San Antonio, his mother is from Laredo and with his father being from Dallas, Hollis’ Texas roots run deep. Cultural and musical tradition define Clay’s tried and true brand, paying homage to country music legends like Strait and Jones, with a touch of contemporary grit. More Info
Hunter Rea Band The Hunter Rea Band got their start in Belton, Texas where lead singer Hunter Glaske and drummer Adam Rea met while playing football at The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. In 2010, their friendship turned into a musical partnership when they began writing and playing some local shows. More Info
Ashliegh Lisset Ashliegh Lisset, an independent country artist from the great state of Texas, is kind-hearted and cognizant of the impact music has on its listeners. While this talented, young vocalist has always had a love and appreciation for music, she discovered it was her true passion at the time her world unexpectedly shattered around her. More Info
Cody Sparks Band BIO Stop me if you've heard this one. Guy walks into a bar. And now he leads one of the hottest bands in Austin. The end. Actually, that's just the beginning, even though the punchline does tell a key part of this story. The guy we're talking about is Cody Sparks. He heads The Cody Sparks Band, whose raw, spirited music stands out even in the teeming Texas country scene. He's a big, amiable guy who looks right at home onstage. Yet his songs often tell stories about heartbreak -- about the lighter side of broken romance (the playful "My Baby's Gone") or the fury kindled by betrayal (laid out over a foot-stompin' beat on "No Time"). He writes with artful metaphor ("Set in the West") and reckless abandon ("Stilly"). And he finds time to share some of the wisdom handed down him by his grandfather in the wistful, fiddle-laced "Sinners and the Saved." More Info
Tanner Fenoglio Nocona, TX native singer/songwriter Tanner Fenoglio is coming up on entering a new chapter in his life. One that has been in the making from the time he first picked up that sunburst ibanez acoustic guitar in high school. He has spent the last year in and out of the studio in Ft Worth working with a group of uber-talented musicians and producers to bring his songs to life. When asked about his upcoming EP and the long hours that he has put into making this dream a reality he simply says, “It’s time.” More Info
Flatland Cavalry At some point between Lubbock and Midland, the land shifts from endless cotton rows and rich farmland into pump jacks and mesquite tree filled pastures. Lubbock roots - country outfit Flatland Cavalry straddles More Info
Dalton Domino For Dalton Domino, music was always present. "It's always been there," he says. "I don't really know anything else." Even as a child, he heard the melodies. And the chords. But always the lyrics — the way artists of all stripes, from punk rockers to traditional country artists, could convey a simple or complex truth with a simple turn of phrase. "That's how I fell in love with music," the Texas-based singer-songwriter says. Creativity and an appreciation for song has been an evolution for Domino. He'd written albums before— and solid, heart-bearing ones like 2015's 1806, at that— but when he sat down for nine months last year and began piecing together what would become Corners, Domino's latest and inarguably most soul-baring effort yet, things felt different. More Info
Midland With all the chest-thumping going on in Nashville today, where bluster and swagger have replaced heart and soul, you half expect some of country music's male stars to be sporting bruises. Which is what makes Midland, a trio of friends based in Dripping Springs, Texas, so undeniably refreshing. Made up of singer Mark Wystrach, lead guitarist Jess Carson and bass player Cameron Duddy, Midland is the embodiment of Seventies California country, all smooth Eagles harmonies and heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics. Their songs are intoxicating country sung with the twang of George Strait. And it's impossible to resist. More Info
Eddie Saenz Born and raised in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Eddie Saenz was brought up by a community of country loving, honkytonk junkies that instilled the love for country music in the young child’s heart and soul. Influenced by the constant CD spins of country legends such as Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard in his dad’s pick-up, Eddie got lost in the world of music at age 9, when he first picked up a guitar. More Info
Read Southall Born and raised in the heart of Altus, Oklahoma; 23 year old Read Southall brings a unique sound to country music. Growing up listening to everything from Hank Williams to Johnny Paycheck led him fall in love with the soulful stories behind country music. The young artist quickly used these influences to find his fit in the genre. More Info
Pat Waters Pat Waters is the true definition of country music. From honky-tonks to dance halls, from festivals to fairs, Pat Waters has played them all. He’s shared the stage with country legends including the late great Merle Haggard and Gary Stewart to Texas’ very own Gary P Nunn, John Conlee, and many more. What you see on the stage is what you get. Whether Pat Waters is in front of thousands or just a few, his genuine classic honky-tonk style will catch your eye every time. With eleven critically-acclaimed CD’s, Pat Waters has graced the Top 20 multiple times on the Texas Music Charts and even scored a #1 hit in the European market that earned him the Texas Male Vocalist of the Year. Pat Waters is the true definition of Country Music. More Info
Dirty River Boys Four very different people coming together trying to shake things up in the Texas music scene and beyond. New album in the works. More Info
Marcy Grace Marcy Grace is an up and coming singer/songwriter from San Antonio, Texas bringing fresh and new ideas to the Americana market. She is known for her big and unique voice. This Texas girl has been playing music for most of her life and is a multi-instrumentalist playing drums, guitar, keyboard, and banjo. More Info
Randall King Band Humble beginnings, a cultivated work ethic and the influences of classic country legends, synchronized together in perfect harmony, make up singer-songwriter from the West Texas Plains, Randall King. More Info
Phil Hamilton Phil Hamilton’s music has been a staple in the Texas music scene for over 7 years and has made his mark with powerful songs and a captivating show to back it up. Hamilton signed his first deal with Winding Road Music and from the first record, Nothing To Lose yielded his first single landing in the top 15 on the Texas Music charts. This debut album also delivered the follow up hit “Nine Mile” shortly after. More Info
Birana Adams She’s not exactly a rebel, but with her musical mashup of Waylon, Skynyrd, and Janis Joplin, you could be forgiven for thinking she is. In reality, Texas singer/songwriter Briana Adams is a sweet-natured Southern crooner that really just wants to share her music with the world. More Info
Tylor Bigley Tylor Bigley brings the classic country combo of heartbreak and whiskey to modern audiences with his debut single, “Whiskey on Your Heartache.” More Info
Robynn Shayne Robynn Shayne is a self made artist. Her brother Shane was the musician in the family and after his passing at the early age of 20 Robynn taught herself how to play the guitar a few years later. With a voice like candy she now had the guitar skills to start writing and performing. More Info
Annie Rost ​I started singing after seeing the movie \"Annie\", and would sing the whole sound track to my cats. My stage was on the roof of my daddy\'s Cadillac. More Info
Reid Farris Born and raised just north of the Fort Worth stockyards, Reid Farris has always had country music running through his veins. It wasn’t until Reid moved off to San Marcos that he joined up with a few fellow Bobcats and began making a name for himself playing in bars from the San Marcos Square to the world-famous 6th Street in Austin. With powerful and truthful lyrics combined with smooth and versatile vocals Reid Farris is newcomer on the rise. More Info
Shaun Michael Born in South Carolina, grew up in Georgia, and now in Texas. Shaun Michael brings a taste of his many life experiences and observations into his song writing. Performing the last three years as a single acoustic act, he has developed a sense of what people want and what they can relate to. This crowd pleaser obviously loves what he does and shows it in all his work. More Info
Bryan Adam Joyner Bryan Adam Joyner\'s first guitar was a stringless toy guitar from Sears. He excitedly strummed to “That\'ll be the Day” by Buddy Holly over and over until the record skipped so much, it couldn’t be played anymore. For the 7 year old, seeing the 1978 film The Buddy Holly story ignited a life-long passion for music. More Info
Jarrod Morris Jarrod was born in Largo, Florida on March 25, 1991. At the age of seven, his family moved to the small town of Decatur, Texas. There he enjoyed the benefits of small town life, even though he didn’t appreciate them at the time. More Info
Presley Phillips From Texas Music Pickers: Our spotlight shines on Presley Phillips’ brand new single, “Love and Bad Habits”. Produced by Jeffery Armstreet at Red Tree Studio, Phillips, along with co-writer David Stukenberg, penned the tune about some of the up-and-coming singer/songwriter’s painful past experiences. More Info
Cody Johnson Band The Country genre today is one destined for the Dewey decimal system stretching on aisle after aisle with artists ranging from Hank Williams to Jewel. Establishing a pleasantly unique sound amid this influential mass is not an easy task for any artist, yet its one Cody Johnson Band has accomplished in a respectable way. Fusing country and rock is no new concept, but rarely is it done to the quality by which Cody will soon be known. Cody and the band blend County and Rock; creating something new while still respecting the roots of both genres and styles. More Info
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Aaron Kantor New Braunfels, Texas (March 11, 2019) – Rising country star Aaron Kantor is giving country listeners a taste of his lean and velvety, crooning deep voice with the release of his muchanticipated first single "Vicariously” to Texas/Red Dirt radio this Monday (March 11). The song, which is available across digital platforms and streaming outlets beginning this week, will be followed with a new concept music video in the coming weeks and additional multi-format radio and TV promotion. More Info
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Aaron Kothmann Aaron's songs stem from his personal experiences more than anything. In keeping with the majority of country songwriters the trials of his life provide the inspiration for his music. Good and bad times alike, he draws from his heart to write a good song. More Info
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