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Jarrod Birmingham

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"I believe that country music should reflect the common people." says Birmingham. "That's pretty much my mission statement. to stay grounded in the knowledge that I'm a blue collar individual. a country boy. There are a lot of people out there like me. and I'd like to be their voice." This South Texas native is no manufactured "hat act." Birmingham is a REAL cowboy. A former professional bullrider who has enough pins. plates and screws in his body to make it difficult to pass an airport scanner. Birmingham's music is steeped in stark realism. "I never really quit riding bulls." he laughs. "The music just sort of took over. But. what you see is what you get when you deal with me. and that is how I want to come across through my music." Critics agree that Birmingham indeed delivers on record and on stage. One of the best reviewed acts of 2006. he has been described as "refreshing." "rough & tumble." and "a true Texas treasure." His #1 single. "If You Don't Like Me." confirmed his place as an extraordinary talent on the Texas music scene and his new BMA Records release. "Like My Daddy Did." will introduce the rest of the nation to our Texas treasure.