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Jason Ashley

Jason Ashley is constantly using his talents to give back. Working with different charities has been his focus for the last few years and through that effort he has seen his career take off. He was awarded a "Terry Award" in 2009 for songwriter of the year, for his self penned "Handle With Care" off of his debut CD "Coming Up Clean". For the last 4 years, he has been the lead singer of the house band at Cowboys Arlington/Red River, here in the DFW area. With that said, he has a new project about to be released. The motivation for his new project is best told in his own words."The name Undeniable came from all of the emotions behind the project. Each song is in itself its own message, but the project as a whole has become spiritual for me. I have spent 5 years of my life writing songs for it. Through that time, God has been taking me on a very special journey and I have grown into a man right in front of my own eyes. I have learned 3 Important Things: 1 - What it really means to be a compassionate human being. 2 - That it isn't our bank accounts that make us important. 3 - And the only deposit worth leaving is the legacy we deposit into future generations. I feel that every song has its own special message that will speak to many different people. Music is the most powerful platform on this planet in which we can speak from. Undeniable to me is more than just a C.D. It is my message to the world. And it is one full of Love, Hope and of the ever enduring spirit of the human race! As a person living on this planet we all go through hard times. Take heart, hold tight, take the hits but keep moving forward and when you come out on the other side of the pain you will be a better person for it!" - Jason Ashley

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