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Heather Roberts

Heather has always been involved in music in one way or another. Her dad. Charlie Reynolds. was a musician for the better part of his life. Her very first experience was as an infant sitting in a car seat on the stage while her father's band played in the Stockyards. Later on she sang in the church choir and at church camps. Through-out middle school and high school she was in the band where she learned to read and play music. After high school. music took a backseat to a family. Heather met her future husband Cisco and got married at age 18. They welcomed their first baby girl. Tynleigh. in December of 2004. followed by their second little girl. Natalie. in February 2007. Needless to say. life was busy for their blooming family.In October 2009. Heather decided that it was time to start music up again. Cisco quickly made this a reality for Heather. By February 2010 he bought Heather her first guitar. although having a father who played bass and guitar his whole life. Heather had never played one herself. It only took a week for her to learn. play and sing the first song and this was a major turning point for her. By that summer she was playing at Six Flags over Texas and building her own band. In short. thanks to the amazing love and support from her husband and family. all of this has become a reality. Heather has no plans of slowing down or letting anybody stop her from reaching her goals and doing what she loves. Now Heather has assembled her own band. The Heather Roberts Band and currently booking shows throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Feel free to check out her website at www.theHeRoband.com for dates and merchandise. Thanks for reading. now find Heathers next show and come on out!!!

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