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Erica Perry

Erica Perry was born to perform she started singing when she was just 3 years old. Growing up in Leander, Texas in high school she met a very special friend Kyle Park. He was a big inspiration in her life to write and play guitar and to really make sure she wrote from her heart. At 18 she tried out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and became one of Americas Sweethearts and cheered till 2008.While cheering for the cowboys she took full use of her voice as she performed the national anthem on the star of Texas Stadium for many of the Dallas Cowboys games. She was also blessed when they sent her on a USO tour to Iraq and Korea where she sang and performed for the troops. When cheerleading came to an end she picked up her guitar and got straight to work and has not looked back. Erica says" there is always something to write about just tell the story of your life". People want to see who you are and relate to your story because everyone has one to tell. So this year she told her story and pored her heart out into an EP that lets you know exactly who she is. Since the release of the EP only weeks ago, two of her songs, "I've been known to get crazy" and "You're gonna know my name" have already received air play from Dallas Based KHYI 95.3, The Range. You can find her at some of the best local venues around North Texas.

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