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A botched marriage, lost time with his daughters and an infinite trek down America’s highways, as so perfectly illustrated in the record’s first single “Couple 1000 Miles,” these very personal accounts all appear unmasked in this raw collection that is the wares of genuine heartbreak. But that is the source from which some of the very best songs spring and Sullins is painfully aware that in those soul-bearing moments of artistry, joy and comfort is there too. Faithful companions that help take the sting out of harsh reality bites. Such is the life of a true music vagabond. The record is produced by Oklahoma music icon Mike McClure who in addition to his own massive library of acclaimed original songs is also an elite producer in the independent music realm whose credits include Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland and The Stragglers, Stoney LaRue, Whiskey Myers, The Damn Quails and the Turnpike Troubadours to name a few. McClure also co-wrote the title-track with Sullins who admits, “Working with Mike was something we talked about for years and we knew with these new songs that we wanted to see what he could do with them. This was the right record for that partnership.” Right because WICKED SPELL boils down to a rich brew, a thick concoction that has within it all the prime ingredients of authentic country music, a styling that music veteran Mike McClure understands perfectly. And the fans quite obviously welcome the more mellowed sound from this otherwise rock infused band by an impressive 10,000 views within two weeks of the new video release for “Couple 1000 Miles” on YouTube. Mixing well with solid performances from the Last Call Coalition WICKED SPELL also features legendary steel player Lloyd Maines, proficient harmonica player Jake Akins and multi-instrumentalist John Knudson of The Damn Quails. Six years of perpetual touring will almost always produce a tight, well-seasoned band that is at home and comfortable on any stage anywhere. Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition is that band. Performing 200 dates last year in support of their previous record release INCOMMUNICADO, the band found a heap of new and ready fans trailing from Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Colorado. Known as a rock band that plays country music is a proud decoration that the guys don on stage at every show and is the chief reason venue owners keep asking them to come back. Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition are Chad Sullins (guitar and lead vocals), Josh Rutz (lead guitar), Jesse Holcomb (bass) and Jeremy Clark (drums).