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Chris Wayne Band

Chris Wayne is not just another guy off the street that thought he should put a band together just for fun. He was born into a musical family. His grandfather was a recording artist in the 50's and his grandmother was a dear friend and songwriting partner of Willie Nelsons, so Chris came by his musical talents honestly. After many years of touring, playing as often as he could to anyone who would listen, Chris hit his stride, and hasn't slowed down since. The same can be said about Brian Walker, CWB's lead guitarist.Not only can the man make his guitar sing, but he custom builds each and every one of this amplifiers to make sure that his tone is true. Another trick of the trade, so it would seem. Jerry Marsh and Brian Rivers are also seasoned players, having shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the music business. So, in essense, this was no mistake........it was all part of a bigger plan. Now, the boys of Chris Wayne Band are ready for the big stage, and will be playing somewhere near you very soon. Stay tuned for what lies ahead!

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