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Charley has been influenced by Western Swing and loves the Texas music scene Red Dirt thats going big here in Texas like Asleep at the wheel. Randy Rodgers Band. Pat Green & Jason Boland & the Straglers. Aron Watson. Kevin Fowler. Cross Canadian Ragweed. etc. Charley's first single has been released to country radio. Please call your local radio station to request it! His debut. self-titled album was produced by Country CMT Artist Rich Mccready. it will also be released late this fall....... Debut Single Current mood: excited Category: Music ... PLEASE CALL YOUR LOCAL STATIONS AND REQUEST MY SONG. RELEASED TO RADIO! Charley Austin's roots go as far back and lies beneath deep deep down in the rugged heart of the West Texas Dirt. The legacy dates back to the late 19th century in the days of covered wagons. stage coaches and going in to town to a store with a horse and wagon hitched. when his great great grandfather was riding horseback on the dusty rattlesnake-covered prairies of Texas as the Sheriff of East land. County. in the small cow town of Cisco. where he and others rounded up a posse for Billy the Kid and his Gang going into New Mexico. along with riding on the train and capturing and bringing to justice Jesse James several years later. The legend continues when his family wrangled up cattle on the cattle drives from Texas to Dodge City. Kansas. where the outlaws got hung for cattle rustling. The music of Charley also dates to the old cowboys with there guitars. singing there country melodies of his family singing to the cattle and there horses around the campfire underneath the bright Texas moon and stars*. His great grandfather also worked in the oil field. checking pumps and oil wells on horse back living in a oil field camp with his family in Foresand Krane Tx. Between cattle and horse round ups it was all ways time for rodeos and night time fun where they loved to go to the dance halls. swinging honky tonks. to dance the texas cowboy 2-step to see the legendary Bob Wills. Patsy Cline. Roy Rogers. and Gene Autrey Hank Williams Sr. Charleys great granddads were one of the last real cowboys where they still wore there spurs on there boots. told there stories about when they were young boys there selfs in till they died. So the tradition of the American cowboy wild west frontier. love of the old traditional and new. Country Music and Rodeos still lives on through his family. brothers and sister and Charley. Nearly a century later on cold winter night when everyone was getting ready to celebrate the new year in a couple of days Charley was born. in Austin.Texas December 30. 1989. He was raised in a strong Christian household composed of deep moral American values and a love for God. family and Country as well as a love for Country Music. Humility (being humble) is a quality Charley has and still carries with him throughout his life. His family carries deep tradition in the oil field business. trucking industry. and Texas Bounty Lawmen. Texas & New Mexico. from both sides of the family from his dad. his brothers down to his grandfathers . His Dad was transferred with work many times. thus. giving Austin the opportunity to attend many schools throughout the DFW metroplex as well as the San Antonio Area and even as far as some parts of Kansas. Charley attended Marion & Bradley Jr. High School 2 yrs. & James Madison High School in San Antonio for three years from 9th grade to the 11th grade studying Agriculture FFA. Theater. then began homeschooling for his senior year. on behalf of his career and travel in music. He has plans to attend college majoring in agribusiness and Political Science as well as Entertainment Law in the Future his interest is Music. Acting. Ranching and being a Commentator for Politics on national TV fox network. working in the Government for the People. there has been talk about running for Governor of Texas. as well as running for President of the United States from the advice of his teachers in high school and family and friends when he becomes of age as well as be a great Leader for our country some day. He carries it straight from his granddad that was a "President over the Chamber of Commerce all around the USA" as well as Charley's Great granddad was a Conservative. Republican Served and was the " Senator of Texas " Washington DC. in Congress. Charley Grandmother Betty Majors. dads nephew was the coach for TN College Football and Lee Majors the actor. so the acting and stage runs in his bloodline. Charleys" family from grandparents to children and there children were graduates from University of Texas out of Austin. and Texas Tech. from Lubbock. Texas as Doctors Lawyers. Corp. Real-estate Trucking. CPA Business owners men and women . Charleys teachers said: he loves a good debate plus he's a awesome student in History.Government. Geography.Writing. English. Agribusiness he said" laughing math he could take it or leave it.