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Chancy Bernson Band@*!& In 2008. The Chancy Bernson Band played just over 40 shows... currently in the early part of 2009 they already have half of that number scheduled. That doesn't sound like that much. because it's not. That's not a lot when you look at the other touring acts around Texas. If it was up to the band. that number would be a lot higher. Still considered "newcomers" to the scene. The Chancy Bernson Band has accomplished a number of goals- releasing their debut c.d. in August of 2008 titled " I Did All This". playing shows with top talent acts and just cool guys such as Aaron Watson. Charlie Robison. Mike McClure. Stoney Larue. Micky and the Motorcars. Casey Berry. and Seth James just to name a few.Some of Chancy's first times to play to a crowd was during Matt Martindale's breaks on Tuesday nights at the Golden Light Cantina in Amarillo. Shortly after that. songwriting started to take place and the placement of a band was needed as well. Since starting the band as a 3-piece. the same guys have stuck around since then. With the addition of a great guitar player by the name of Max Neal. the band is as follows- Mike Botello on the drums. Ernie Martinez on the bass. and Chancy singing and playing guitar. They have had the privilege of headlining shows at The Golden Light. Midnight Rodeo. Summer Festivals and Rodeos. All of the guys are well experienced and with their list of influences. it's crazy they can bring it all together to play country music And yes. they do incorporate other genres in their shows... that just gives them a chance to expand and become better with every day. Chancy is currently writing the last couple of songs for a new album. You can purchase the album "I Did All This" at Hastings of Amarillo. LoneStarMusic.com. and OurTracks.com. The Chancy Bernson Band drinks Miller Lite.

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