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Aaron Kothmann

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Growing up in the Texas Hill Country gave Aaron the opportunity to develop a love and help spur his interest for music at an early age. The surrounding dancehalls were the setting for the majority of his Saturday nights even before being old enough to buy his way in. Having a father (Benny Fred) and many other close relatives who played music all over Texas sparked his interest in the life of a musician. Every chance Aaron got he would tag along with his father to whatever gig he was playing. Not knowing it at the time, Aaron was very fortunate to be able to travel with these bands. The most predominant of these were a couple years of watching Johnny Bush and the Bandoleros. Aaron was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by music from the very beginning. Although he grew up on western swing, Aaron's influences range a long way from just Bob Wills and Johnny Bush. In the true fashion of any rebellious teenager Aaron did a four-year stint as the drummer in a heavy metal/blues band. The band played everything from Metallica to Stevie Ray Vaughn. His writing and live performances bear the obvious influences of blues music. After high school Aaron was hired out to numerous country bands filling in for a night or two as a drummer. The musicians he played with during this time had been playing professionally longer than he had been alive. Watching his father and other seasoned musicians gave Aaron an insight and education that would benefit him for the rest of his career. Aaron's songs stem from his personal experiences more than anything. In keeping with the majority of country songwriters the trials of his life provide the inspiration for his music. Good and bad times alike, he draws from his heart to write a good song. Over the past decade Aaron has traveled all over the State of Texas, all the while playing music. In 2012 he released his debut album, "This is Texas Calling" which featured a classic country sound. The upbeat honky-tonk additions of "Hell on Earth" and "Almost Mexico" were masterfully balanced with the heartbreak tunes "Leavin'", "Best Years of My Life" and title track "This is Texas Callin'". Aaron's follow up album "I Can't Take Me Anywhere" was released in March of 2014, and quickly shot up the Texas Country charts with THREE singles in the Texas Country Top 40 Charts. Title Track "I Can't Take Me Anywhere" outlines Aaron's exuberant youth, where he walked the line of having as much fun as possible without getting into too much trouble. "The Way You Did Me" is an edgy revenge track that displays Aaron's early influences of Blues and Rock, and "As Good as It Gets" is a reflective, relatable ballad that shows the deeper context Aaron has developed as a songwriter. Aaron has played across the State of Texas from Big Spring to Houston, and made a lot of friends along the way. He began recording his anticipated third album in the winter of 2014, which will be released in the spring of 2015.