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Brian Keane

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Born and raised in the small town of Seneca, South Carolina, Keane skipped college to take a steady gig as a keyboard player and quickly discovered his love for songwriting. He made his debut record, “I Ain’t Even Lonely” on a shoestring budget in his third floor Austin apartment while working as an auto-mechanic. It paid off. “I Ain’t Even Lonely” was overwhelmingly adored by critics, and reached #12 on the national Americana Airplay chart. In addition to his own hits, he has helped to pen many of his friends’ as well: Micky and the Motorcars’ “Any Longer Any More”, Cory Morrow’s “Glass Houses”, William Clark Green’s recent #1 “She Likes the Beatles”, and Hayes Carll’s “She Left Me for Jesus” which earned both writers an Americana Song of the Year Award. Even with these sought after accolades, things really began to take off for Keane when he released his sophomore effort, “90 Miles an Hour” in 2011. His debut Red Dirt country single, “I’ll Sing About Mine (The Tractor Song)” written with Adam Hood, shot to #2 on the charts. He won over audiences everywhere – despite being honest enough to ruffle some feathers. With lyrics like “because tractors ain’t sexy and workin’ is hard for small town people like me/ and the radio’s full of rich folks singing ’bout places they’ve never seen”, it wasn’t surprising when The Josh Abbott Band covered the song a year later and took it back up the same chart to #1. Keane also had two songs from the album (“Spinning Wheels” and “90 Miles an Hour”) featured on the hit ABC primetime show Nashville. With his new collection of no-bull, straight from the heart songs with subjects ranging from breaking up (“Why Can’t You Have Cheated”), to growing up (“You Can’t Go Home”), to his well-worn observations in dive bars (“Bar Lights”), Keane is sure to provide his fans with yet another window into his world. Produced by his favorite producer/bass player and wife, Rachel Loy, Coming Home has allowed Keane to delve deeper into his own life experiences to develop his creations. “It’s been by far the easiest, most fun recording experience I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to get it out there.” Combine undeniable honesty with a sharp wit on-stage, a lyrical gift beyond his years, a badass band, and the courage to say exactly how he feels to anyone, anywhere and you have Brian Keane: A hardworking storyteller and a true artist.