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Brandon Jenkins

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As with previous releases. his ninth. Jenkins shows once again why he is "the premier" songwriter of the Red Dirt movement. writing all 12 songs on the disc. as well as co/writes with Randy Rogers. Brady Black. Scott Hutchison. and Bob Wiles. With a voice as Big as Texas. and guitar chops(and beard) that would make Billy Gibbons proud. Jenkins takes his rightful place as one of the shinning stars of not only Red Dirt. but American music. Since moving to Austin. Texas in 2003 Brandon has had a phenomenal run of success with 8 hit singles on the Texas Music Chart including "Feet Don't Touch The Ground". "Finger On The Trigger". "Down In Flames".... his album "Faster Than A Stone" spent 13 weeks on the national AMA Chart. as well as having songs cut by Stoney LaRue. Cross Canadian Ragweed. Bleu Edmondson.. among others.