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Bleu Edmondson

With a raw. rough. and edgy sound Bleu Edmondson is a mainstay on the Texas country music scene. Coming from Richardson. Texas and a proud graduate and 3 sport athlete (football. basketball. and baseball) of Lake Highlands High School and a traveling college student. music has always been a passion for Bleu. "When I told my folks that I was quitting school and starting a band. my family was very supportive and still is. I am thankful of that. My family is very important to me. When I am in the Dallas area I make it a point to go home and see them." Music isn't the only thing that Bleu loves; the Texas Rangers are his second love. "My fondest Texas Rangers moment is the Nolan Ryan/Robin Ventura fight. That was awesome. I am a huge Nolan fan as well. It is hard to follow the team living in New Braunfalls. TX but I keep up with them the best I can."Baseball and music seem to go hand in hand for Bleu. Both are full of history and tradition and he has captured that in his writing. "I used to just write and record. but as I have grown in my music I have learned to take the time to structure the songs that I write to get the best sound out of the writing I can. "Granted my favorite thing about the songwriting process is watching it all come to form in the recording studio or on stage when I play new material for the crowd." With growth come changes as well. I have made several changes in the band over the years. but I have never held a grudge. Sometimes people have gone on their own to pursue their own dreams; others have been a mutual agreement. It happens in the music business sometimes. If you are lucky enough to find a band that will stick it out for several years. you are blessed." One of the biggest changes in Bleu's music career was going from Austin Universal Music Management to the world's largest booking agent Creative Artists (CAA) that has a roster of some of the biggest stars in music as a hole like Justin Timberlake. Carrie Underwood. and "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen. His manager with CAA Raffella Braun had this to say about Bleu. "What first caught my eye about Bleu was The Lost Boy. My roots are Northeastern Rock and then I came to Tennessee from college and was struck in a rockin/bluesy/country world of music. Lost Boy was something I would have listened to growing up. so I gravitated towards it. Then I took up The Band Plays On and Southland... while different in sound and approach. I was equally impressed." She goes on to say. "What sets Bleu apart from the rest of the red dirt scene is the raspy. experience-laden soul of his voice. I feel that it is a touch of the greats in music with a new age twist. From traveling with the band to the many shows seeing Bleu in his natural element WHEREVER it is. He is 'at home' on festival and club stages to private parties and on the bus. it is by far the best part of working with the entire Bleu Edmondson camp. Since signing with CAA. Bleu has played all over the country from Texas to Las Vegas to New York. but like many if the artists that are on the Texas music scene the historic venues are some of his favorite places to play. "It is like being called up to the big leagues. May it be Billy Bob's in Ft. Worth. Texas or The Bitter End in New York. New York they each have their own things that make them special." For more information on Bleu and his music. please visit his many social networking sites. or www.bleuedmondson.com. Next time he is close to you. make sure to go check him out. It will be a night you will never forget.

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