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Birana Adams

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Her songs are a honky tonk acid trip of classic dancehall and 70’s outlaw country rolled into a tight-knit package, all headlined by a big Texas voice and an unmistakable style that’s all her own. And if you catch a little twist of blues and rock’n’ roll in the vocal, that’s not by accident. Growing up in a small Texas town like Winchester, that’s the way country music is done! But in her heart, Briana Adams writes songs because it’s her outlet, her way of sharing herself with the world. That her music happens to have commercial appeal is secondary to her inner need to write it in the first place! “I write music because it can be one of the most intimate forms of communication. When I was a little girl, I told myself I was going to be a musician and write songs and I’ve stuck with it. I do this because I LOVE IT!” That love got her started early! Briana started playing gigs at the tender age of 13, and has done hundreds of shows since finishing high school a few years ago. She’s opened for a lot of well-known Texas artists, such as Randy Rogers Band, Charlie Robison, Cory Morrow, Stoney LaRue, Jason Boland, and The Bellamy Brothers. Briana also recorded an album back in high school, 2013’s “Bring Me Home To You.” In 2016, Briana entered Edgewater Studios in Sugar Land, TX, to record her debut commercial release “Dive Bars & Old Guitars.” Under the creative direction of producer Derek Hames (The Drugstore Gypsies, Charlie and The Regrets, National Park Radio), the project drew some of Texas’ finest studio musicians, with legendary singer-songwriter-musician Mike Stinson on drums, longtime Houston studio and live stalwart Mark Riddell on bass, Robert Ellis steel guitar player Will Van Horn, Charlie and The Regrets lead guitarist John Shelton (who also recorded and mixed the EP), and well-known fiddle pro Jeff Duncan to round out the classic country sound. With a record in the can capable of launching Briana into the public consciousness, 2017 figures to be a big year in her career development as she approaches Texas radio and national press with her music for the first time. Says Briana, “My emotions are all across the board…I’m excited, nervous, and anxious to see how everyone responds to my music. I’m a little scared because it’s my first major release, but for the most part I’m extremely excited. I believe the Good Lord has put me on the right path, and I’m just going to hang on, enjoy the ride, and see where it takes me.” Her superlative voice, vintage style, and quiet confidence even in the face of doubt will take her a long way. Stay tuned for a lot more from this rising Texas artist, Briana Adams!