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The evolution of a songwriter is something that people only notice if they follow a career closely. From his first album to his newest one. there has been a noticeable transition for Duncan. He dedicated himself to honing his songwriting skill in the few years between his records. and most importantly. he has a genuine love for the song. There is a passion for writing that is easy to see when he talks about it and in the craftsmanship of his songs. His new album. "Faith. Hope and Everything Else" is his way of giving listeners what he calls "a complete record". His influences encompass all genres just as his sound does. Trying to find a word to describe what kind of music it is exactly is not the easiest thing to do. Duncan teamed up once again with Texas legend Walt Wilkins to create his latest piece of work. From the rock influenced opening guitar riff on "These Days" to the introspective last track "Losing Someone". Duncan takes us on a journey through song that shows more depth than many. "FHE". as Duncan likes to call it. is admittedly a concept record of sorts. Duncan says it's. "... the progression of life of a 22 year old kid ..." With songs like "Before I Found You" and "That Much" Duncan shows his ability to capture the broad simplicity of love. "Changes" is a very powerful song that shows that even when everything is wrong. and life is only at the edge of what you want it to be. sometimes it's hard to get that extra mile. There are country tunes like "Should I Give Any More of Me" and "What's On Your Mind" There are rock songs such as "Waiting To Hurt". "Nothing Left To Lose" is the records most haunting track. Backed by the eerie harmony vocals of Walt Wilkins. this song carries a very lost overtone to it. almost as if the story has already been written. As Duncan states. "Your 20s are about discovering who you are and who you want to be for the rest of your life. At that point you don't know much. but you think you do. and the pursuit to figure that out is a very strong emotion." Duncan's song "Salvation" is a perfect example of trying to figure out life as a twenty-something. With lines like. "Everything in life comes with sacrifice. but how can I question something that feels so right?" Duncan shows his ability to portray a message that many ask about different things during one's life. Duncan calls "Long Road Home" the. "Best song he's ever written." It is a song about taking risks in life. messing up. and healing yourself to try it all again. The record ends on "Losing Someone". It is a roundabout way to say that even though life can hurt. maybe you have to make it through the pain to see the green on the other side. Although young. Bobby Duncan has proven his ability to make records with his latest work. Saturation in music is natural. It is our duty as music lovers to weed out the bad from the good. Duncan has made the job a little easier with "Faith. Hope. and Everything Else." As he continues to grow as an artist and as a person. there is no doubt this record. too. will become a building block for bigger and better things.