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Andy Bentley- Lead Guitar I grew up in the small Texas town of Friona. My dad influenced me to start playing guitar when I was 10 and it has since become my greatest passion. My other hobbies are playing baseball and, yes it sounds weird, doing creative writing. I'm extremely excited about what the future holds for the band. One day we'll be big enough and I can have winning friends like Charlie Sheen, because that guy has got life all figured out. Levi Massey- Bass and Back-up Vocals I grew up in the middle of nowhere, right inside the New Mexico/Texas border on the family farm. Along with taking care of our own cattle, land and breaking horses I worked for some of our neighbors to earn a little extra money. I was about 16 when i got my first bass and haven't taken a single lesson, I got a book that had some chords in it and took those and played with my brothers. We started off playing southern rock and played all our own original music at some local proms and other occasions. When Ben first graduated high school and moved out we kind of got too busy to be playing and only jammed out on a few occasions until the beginning of this summer. Along with playing the bass I also enjoy hunting, fishing, golfing, and playing baseball. I hate the fact that bass players usually have a rep for being the weird one of the group because I feel like our lead singer/rhythm guitarist has that one secured for his self. Dan Massey- Drums