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Read Southall

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Born and raised in the heart of Altus, Oklahoma; 23 year old Read Southall brings a unique sound to country music. Growing up listening to everything from Hank Williams to Johnny Paycheck led him fall in love with the soulful stories behind country music. The young artist quickly used these influences to find his fit in the genre. Read started performing in choirs and local bands at a young age, and at age 22 he began performing locally as a solo artist. Overnight, he had what seemed like an immediate fan base in his home state. As he continued to grow as an artist, Read began writing in between performances. Putting personal experiences to paper came naturally, “I really enjoy writing music simply because I believe I can connect with people…Or maybe my words can say what they’ve been trying to say. Words can’t describe the high you feel when someone says your music has gotten them through something. That alone is a greater honor than any dollar compensation.” Read wrote, recorded, and independently released his first album, “Six String Sorrow,” in July of 2015.