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"I learned early on that being a songwriter was an incredibly important part of being an authentic artist. The ability to say well what you want to say, the way you want to say it is extremely important to me as an artist and as a person. It just does not go well if someone tries to speak on my behalf or tell me who I should be. I am the same way with my music. Go on and sit down there, Sparky. I can speak my mind." In the last year, Abbi was a top 12 finalist for Nashville's American Country Star, a Texaco Country Showdown local winner in the biggest market in Texas, and has been landing huge gigs like opening for Jack Ingram, Charlie Daniels, and Jason Boland, all before she ever released her first single to radio. The Texas Crawfish Festival has said "Abbi is everything you want in a female country singer. For one she is very easy on the eyes and a total sassy sweetheart, but more importantly her vocals will knock you on the floor while her catchy songs will have you toe tapping and and wanting to sing along." In March of 2014, Abbi is releasing her first single, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang to country radio. With as much momentum and excitement as she's been gathering before ever hitting the airwaves, this lady's future is looking very bright. With both heavy southern and Texan influences, Abbi's music has deep roots, but a fresh, unique sound. Although her musical influences are diverse, you can hear shades of a feisty Miranda Lambert, the deep soulful sounds of Gospel and the South, the swing and punch of old school Southern Rock, but most of all, the independent, confident attitude that is Texas grit. It's familiar, but fresh. Every artist is only as good as their live show, and Abbi's live show is unlike any other females out there today. No slow, sappy love songs of this lady. Her show is filled with rocking, soulful original songs, engaging covers, and a band that will make you grin! Chris Dodds and Dennis Fallon, formerly of Two Tons of Steel often travel with Abbi, and bring a whole new level of excellence and fun to every show. Abbi worked with producer Rick Alvarez in Texas to record all 6 original songs for her "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang EP", released in April of 2013. "Rick was such an incredible partner throughout this process. I come from such a diverse musical background, and I did not want to create a record that sounded like anything else out there. Rick did an incredible job of helping me to take these songs to the next level and really create my sound." Country music legend Lloyd Maines, played pedal steele on two of the tracks, including the heartbreaker "Old Southern Love", which tells an incredible story of a Tennessee couple facing the rising waters of the flood of 2010. In addition, Grammy winning fiddle player Bobby Flores left his mark on the record with his smoking solo work on the title track and several others. Abbi Walker is a force to be reckoned with, and she is ready to take country music by storm, even as an independent. Abbi is building a name for herself in the country music scene, one show at a time. Lookout chart-reigning country boys, there's a Texas woman on the loose, and she's coming for you. Things To Know About Abbi: She's a Texas A&M University Graduate- Class of 2005 with a BBA in Marketing. (Graduated with honors- Boom.) She's married to a Longhorn. She and Ryan have no kids, just the world's most lovable terrible dog. Her great Uncle, Shoat Webster, was a 4 time World Champion Steer Roper, and is in the Rodeo Hall of Fame. She can start a fire better than just about anyone she knows. She's a pretty darn good shot. She loves a good bargain and good fashion. She believes your hair cannot ever be too big. Pretty much. She's a 4th generation Baptist Preacher's kid. She once accidentally put her brother's head through a wall. She owns a ridiculous amount of black leather clothing.