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Ashton Dupre'

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Ashton Dupre is a country musician from a small town in Louisiana, Bayou Chicot. Ashton has that classic country sound with a little grit that allows him to strike the listeners emotions with their songs. Fans often mention Travis Tritt when trying to compare Ashton's sound to other country artist. Ashton has been rocking bars and festivals for the past two years in the South Louisiana region with the help of his band the Last Call. Much of Ashton's success comes from the way he interacts with the crowd during live shows “I want to be able to move people with my music and performances”. He likes to describe his sound as “high octane country music” mixing songs that trigger emotion with music that will get your blood flowing. Ashton has jsut finished his first studio project, a single titled “When She Drinks My Whiskey” an original that was written by Ashton Dupre, Jonah Guillory and Seth Storer. Plans for a full length LP are in the works as Ashton looks to break into the Texas Country Music Scene. One thing is for sure you will be hearing big things from Ashton soon.