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Maddison Livingston

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I have been consumed by my love of music going back before I could walk, hard to believe but even as a toddler holding on to the side of my playpen I was dancing up and down to the beat of music according to mom and dad. Performing came natural to me, and after enough taking over the room with my noise they started to take me to sing karaoke anywhere they would let me in, it started off just singing at pizza parlors in the middle of the week, to school talent shows, and it progressed from there. Then we decided to take things to another level and try to sing in the local Honky Tonk. That was an eye opener for me, but what it opened was my eyes to see the reality that I was doing what god intended for me to do all along. Nothing gave me that feeling of warmth and got my heart pounding like taking the stage and seeing the reaction of a crowd of people having fun and dancing. I have been blessed in so many ways it’s not possible to put one person’s help over another but there are so many examples I could share that would shed some light on why I have been so lucky and had so much opportunity already at such a young age. First and foremost I truly believe in my heart God has a plan for each and every one of us, and I wake up every day excited to find out what what’s next in this journey He has for me. My family has been so supportive and it has made my dream of becoming a musician so possible. I’m never alone and I know if I just look over my shoulder they are right there waiting to help. Most little girls probably wanted a doll house or another pretty dress, I wanted a band and a place to perform and mom and dad made that possible and I will never forget that. It’s very overwhelming to take the stage and know one of your music idols is waiting to come on behind you after you get the crowd warmed up for them and sing all of the songs I have listen to a million times on my iPod, but that’s what drives me, grows my love of music, and makes it all real at the end of the day. I have big dreams, and I set the bar very high knowing it was a long shot and it would be a miracle if it all happens, but why not shoot for the moon, and if I fall a little short, Earth is not bad place, as long as they have Honky Tonks!