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Aubrey England grew up in Garland, TX and began singing at age 2. She attended a fine arts school in grades 9-12, studying music in concert band and marching band. She has performed in bands that range from country and classic rock, to blues and r&b all over the DFW area with such acts as Night Shift (blues & classic rock) Silver Streak (blues & classic rock) Larry & the Lizards (country, blues & classic rock) and The Texas Connection (country, pop, blues, classic rock – variety). Aubrey has also performed internationally with the Okinawan band, “Ni Ichi Nana” (country, r&b, blues, classic rock), and “The Pearl Snap Ramblers” (country) at local music venues on the Island of Okinawa, Japan while stationed there during her service in the United States Marine Corps. Also while on active duty, Aubrey was a National Anthem Singer for her unit and performed at official command ceremonies. As a teenager, Aubrey spent many Saturday nights performing at the Garland Opry in Downtown Garland, TX. She recorded her 5 track EP with the Tyler Music Group of Nashville, TN in 2008 at Sound Emporium and Omni Studios. Aubrey Lynn just completed recording her first full length album of original music at Audio Dallas Recording Studio in Garland, TX. The Album "Raisin' Hell" was released in August 2011. Jeremy W. McFarland grew up in Garland, TX and started his drumming career as a tot by banging on pots and pans after watching Animal from the Muppets play with Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem. At age 12 he started crafting his skills on the drums by playing for the praise and worship team at his church. Shortly after college he teamed up with a few of his life long friends to start a hard rock band called ForeTold. During their four years, they played all around the Dallas local music scene and recorded an album with one of their songs making it into the rotation for 98.7 fm internet radio. Jeremy is also a self taught guitar and piano player and spends some of his free time writing songs and composing music. He also loves playing pool and singing karaoke. Charles “Charley” Portwood grew up in a small town in East Texas. He was musically influenced early in life by his family and at the age of 15, he began playing the guitar. After three guitar lessons, he realized that structured music lessons were too slow a pace at which he wanted to learn. He then began teaching himself how to play and developed a natural ear for music and a passion for playing it. At the age of 16, he began playing in a country band called Young Country with fellow classmates. The band was part of the Future Farmers of America talent team and later changed the name to Deuces Wild. He continued playing through high school and after he graduated, he and some school friends formed a rock band called JC2. Later, a few members of JC2 and Charles formed the Reno Country Band (Charles was now playing Bass). Never having played bass before, he was hired for the position after only one audition. Reno played mainly around East Texas. Charley joined Aubrey Lynn and Yellow Rose in 2010. Once competitiors in a Battle of the Bands contest, Charles has been the perfect fit to play bass and acoustic guitar for Yellow Rose. Geoff West was born, and for the most part raised, in East Texas around the Tyler area. He started showing real interest in guitar around age 12. (Obvious turn of events being the fourth generation of guitar players in the family.) Geoff comes from bluegrass roots- his father, Ben West, plays banjo, guitar, lap steel and mandolin. Even today, his Dad remains his biggest musical influence. The first legitimate band he participated was the Jazz Band during his first year of college. Geoff then ran away to Tuscon, Az for a couple years to realize all the bands he was going to see were from DFW. (ie: Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois, Andrew Jr. Boy Jones, Anson Funderburgh.) So, he promptly came back to Texas. Geoff played around DFW in an array of blues gigs such as JD Hill, Les More Blues Revue, Bluehouse, and Hosea Robinson (RIP, wonderful man.) He then hooked up with Second Nature, a Funk/Neo-Soul group out of FTW, with whom he still plays with. They are also the band for the Inspiring Temple Praise church. Amazing musicians! Geoff always played as a filler for country gigs, but when he began playing with Kurt South in 2007, he started progressing as a country/songwriter accompanying guitarist. Which brings the present. Geoff is most grateful to be able to share the stage with some of the best performing/songwriting talent in the metroplex, like Aubrey Lynn England.