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Justin Mason

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<p>Justin was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He grew up listening to a wide variety of musical genres that spanned multiple generations. From George Strait, Hank Jr., Travis Tritt and Garth Brooks, to the Eagles, James Taylor, Jim Croce and Billy Joel, Justin listened and sang along to whatever was on the radio. At the age of 7, his mom took him to a pawn shop to buy his first guitar. However, it wasnít until much later that he decided he should take his talents and musical abilities to the stage.</p><br>Justin served five years in the United States Navy, and after completing his honorable service, he came back to Texas to earn his bachelorís degree from the University of North Texas and a masterís degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. He served the City of Arlington, Texas as a police officer for six years, and left the police department in 2012 to start a Real Estate company.<br><br>About 8 months into the new Real Estate business, Justin got an itch to start playing guitar and singing. Within 6 months, he started a band, and just a few months later, they were playing local gigs and private events.&nbsp;<br><br>Justin is a true country artist and classy Texas boy. He loves being on stage, performing and entertaining people. He may have gotten into the music game a little later than a lot of other musicians, but he truly believes this is where he is supposed to be, and looks forward to pursuing his passions, dreams and goals in the years to come!