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Smoke Wagon

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<p>Smoke Wagon formed in 2011 off a random Craigslist post with an urge to put together a rock/country brand of music. Original&nbsp;members Brandon Neumann (Drums), Stephen Ochsner (Rhythm Guitar and vocals) and Jason Kahanek (Lead Guitar) were among the first to show up. After a quick audition of Jay Brown (Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar), the band was quickly formed. Along with the former bassist, Smoke Wagon put together a sound that impressed not only fans, but music professionals as well! During one of the first shows, during a performance in Gruene, TX, classically trained violinist, turned Red Dirt/Texas Country fiddle player, Deborah Peltier, came to a gig and instantly knew she was destined to be a part of Smoke Wagon. Shortly thereafter, Dave James was introduced to the band as “Dave James on Bass”&hellip;and the rest is history!</p><br>Smoke Wagon is now a band dedicated to delivering edgy, but polished Texas/Red Dirt County. Smoke Wagon produces an energetic sound all their own with incredible vocals, captivating lyrics and hard hitting guitar riffs, all accompanied by a red hot fiddle.&nbsp;<br><br>Smoke Wagon's music is produced by Michael Morales and Mixed by Ron Morales, both multi-Grammy Award winners at Studio M in San Antonio Texas