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Ashley Lee

Edgy Country/Rock singer/songwriter.. I do what I do and I can't get enough :]<p>Ashley Lee's original lyrics and unique vision on country music have inspired audiences of all ages to embrace and get excited about her music and style.&nbsp;</p><br>With roots firmly planted in Texas, and performing since she was 5 years old, Ashley has made it her mission to mesmerize and captivate audiences of all ages. From her powerful &amp; unique voice to her guitar skills &amp; stage presence, this fiery young woman proves that size doesn’t determine talent.&nbsp;<br><br>Ashley Lee's richly toned voice is known for resembling Patsy Cline with edges of modern &amp; classic western flair. Influenced by music of all genres, Ashley has created a sound that is unlike any other female artist. Influenced by classic country music, rock n roll and modern pop, she takes a unique approach to everything she writes and performs.&nbsp;<br><br>Ashley truly believes that country music should be accessible and enjoyed by everyone. "While I will always be true to my Texas roots I believe my music style will be enjoyed by fans in all music genres." says Ashley.&nbsp;<br><br>Ashley's lyrics have a deep soul, and maturity that derive directly from her own past experiences. Fans of all ages love her music, and its ability to help them relate and look back on events that have happened in their own lives. Genuinely written from the heart, Ashley Lee’s music appeals to everyone.

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