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Mike and the Moonpies

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<p>Mike and the Moonpies are the modern face of the outlaw country music movement. From their</p>home in Austin, Texas, they carry&nbsp;the torch of their predecessors, while maintaining the<br>originality and independence that the genre is infamous for. The Moonpies, led by Texas born<br>songwriter Mike Harmeier, manage themselves and produce their own albums. While steeped in<br>tradition, the Moonpies rejuvenate honky tonk and traditional country music and appeal to a<br>wildly eclectic audience. They are equally at home in dance halls and theaters, and can share a<br>bill with an indie rock band or a country legend.<br>The Moonpies live on the road and have the scars to prove it. Currently touring the U.S. in<br>support of their third studio album, "Mockingbird," they continue to live up to their reputation as<br>one of the hardest working and veracious bands in independent country music.<br><br>"Mockingbird" is the 3rd studio album for Mike and the Moonpies. Produced by frontman Mike<br>Harmeier and longtime friend and musician Michael Kingcaid (What Made Milwaukee Famous),<br>the album features 10 brand new original songs all written by Harmeier and performed by the<br>Moonpies. Several guest performers that appeared on 2012's "The Hard Way" returned for this<br>one, including Warren Hood (Lyle Lovett), Jenn Miori Hodges (Carper Family), and Pete Weiss<br>(Leo Rondeau). Recorded at the legendary Cedar Creek Studio in Austin by John Silva (the<br>Trishas) and mixed at Good Danny's in Austin by Max Lorenzen, "Mockingbird" is the band's<br>best sounding album to date. This collection of songs find Harmeier in a very nostalgic state of<br>mind both lyrically and musically. On the title track, reminiscent of Steve Earle's "Guitar Town,"<br>Harmeier sings about the influence of his father and grandfather on him today. The debut single<br>"Smoke Em If You Got Em" kicks off with an Allman Brothers style guitar riff and speaks about<br>the evolution of Harmeier and his band in the music industry. Lookout for several surprises on<br>this album which is far and away the band's most eclectic to date. "Mockingbird" is sure to make<br>a huge impact on the Texas Country scene and place the Moonpies in a position to break into<br>the Americana genre, where a large majority of traditional country and roots music currently<br>reside.