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Kaleb McIntire

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Landing hard after the success of his 2012 album SCARS, Kaleb fielded offers from several major labels. Unwilling to give up his vision for what his next record should be, he turned down offers and set out to blaze his own path in the country music business. To do so he had to step back, take time to develop his sound, and find the perfect team to bring his vision to reality. It wouldn’t be a quick process. It would take two years. Teaming up with Texas guitarist Bryant Hunter the two started writing new music and developing a sound that was brand new and hauntingly familiar at the same time. During this time Kaleb’s first top 30 single, “Redneck In All of Us” had become so popular in Europe that the band decided a European tour was in order. So they packed up their axes and headed to Western Europe playing sold out venues like Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon in Marne­la­Vallee France. Fresh off the European tour and with a newfound appreciation for where his music could go, Kaleb enlisted the help of Nashville producer Heath Owen, son of legendary ALABAMA front man Randy Owen. They went to work refining the sound Kaleb and Bryant had forged and injecting influences from the likes of Elvis Presley and George Strait. The resulting tracks are an homage to those who built the foundations of country, but also have a modern feel that will rev your engine every time you hit “play.” These tracks fit just as well alongside Waylon and Merle as they do by any modern artist. You’ll hear the influence of Elvis in the Rockabilly anthem “Uh­Huh,” the sorrow and hope of Strait in “Plano,” Billy Gibbons’ hard riff style in “Hillbilly Makes a Little Money,” and the hardscrabble influence of the Ozarks in the dark anthem “Ozark Mountain Stomp.” The release of Kaleb’s 2015 effort marks a new era for the band and for the genre. As for climbing the ladder of success in the country music business, Kaleb is headed nowhere but up!