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After seeing Jay Parr perform on stage or hearing his voice out of your laptop, phone, or car stereo, it is hard to imagine his first girlfriend once told him if he ever tried singing, the audience would laugh him off the stage. In contrast, his deep rich voice has crowds cheering for him to come back after concerts and calling and asking radio stations to play his hit tunes like, “You’re Gonna Miss Me”, “Victoria”, and “Start Over Again” off of the Ponder, Texas recording artist’s debut album,“This Small Town”. Jay’s current single, “You’re Gonna Miss Me”, which is receiving National recognition and airplay, is readily available on itunes and Amazon.com. Look for, “This Small Town” to be released just in time for Christmas. Ironically, Jay’s first musical influences were bands such as Elvis, Creedence Clearwater, The Beach Boys, Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Queen. Although, he occasionally listened to Merle Haggard and Charlie Pride, country music was not his favorite genre. That was until he was visiting the North Texas State Fair one summer night. Performing on stage was the North Texas favorite son, Steve Stewart, a man who would years later be the leader of the Hank FM 102.1 and Lil' Red's Longhorn Saloon “Road to Nashville” band. During this contest, Jay crossed off a bucket list item by performing on the same stage with the talented Stewart. Although fans of the singer can detect traces of Merle Haggard, Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, and other current stars in his voice, Jay can easily name his all-time favorite: “George Strait. Wow, what is not to like? He has a style that is not over the top----why? Because he does not have to be. You will not see George flying through the air on a cable or doing leaping gyrations during instrumentals of his songs. Others might do it….but hey, they don’t have sixty number ones either do they? He is the King----along with E, of course.” Jay Parr “This Small Town, was a song that came so naturally. I grew up in a town that was about as small as they get, Ponder, Texas. Even though it was small, Ponder was a great place to live as a kid. It was, at the time, like a big family. Everybody knew everybody. Unfortunately, sometimes they knew everything about everybody too!” Jay Parr Although Jay has been the front man for several bands in the past, there was something missing. “I guess at times, it seemed like I was beating my head against the wall---or at least the closed door that was in a wall. I took some time off for family reasons and I have to be honest, it felt good. I had almost decided to just say, ‘At least I have done something people did not think I could so many years ago,’ and call it done. That is when I just started writing songs again---seemingly out of the blue. It was after I wrote, “You’re Gonna Miss Me,” that I decided that I was going to try again---one last time. This time though, I decided I was going to perform my songs. People have always compared me to George Strait. While that makes me smile whenever I hear it---still there is already a George! I had been doing other people’s covers and it just got old.” Jay Parr It should not be a surprise that Jay possesses such an uncanny ability to write great songs. His first novel, “The Door” was published in 2012. "Believe it or not, one of the reasons I have never given up was because of the advise Mr. Vince Vance gave me at the North Texas Fair. They called me up at random and I did a Elvis song. They always did that kind of stuff. Anyway, evidently, I surprised him by the way I did it. Vince sent a message to me after I went back to the audience which asked me to stay until the show was over so he could speak to me. When we met after the show, Vince told me that in his opinion I had talent. He said I should keep working at the trade and not let people tell me no. He said If a person does not believe in themselves nobody will! I think most of all I learned crowd engagement for Vince. Anybody can sing. What is important is to make the crowd part of the show." Jay Parr “Writing tunes is easier in some ways. A book takes so much time and dedication. I have three in the works right now---just have not had time to finish them,” He grins with dimpled smile, “Still though, a song has to have a story. I cannot---do not enjoy---writing goofy songs. The story, much like a book, has to be interesting. It has to have a beginning a middle, and an end. What is different though, is that a song has to say a lot in as few words as possible. You have to get in and get out. There is little room for fluff.” Jay Parr Currently Jay has enough songs ready for three albums. Unlike the three novels waiting to be written, it will be only a matter of time before they are recorded and playing on the radio. “Writing is something that is contagious. I hear a phrase and start writing a song. Sometimes the tune takes a life of its own. It ends up totally different from what I originally planned. I guess God is helping me there. I know the only reason I am singing, the only reason I can play guitar, the only reason I am able to write anything, is because of God. I am truly blessed.” Jay Parr