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She’s only sixteen years old and has already won the admiration and support from some the most influential names in Texas music. But “song” is a hastened traveler and Abbey Cone’s voice has quickly become well received by the esteemed music community in Nashville as well. So what’s a young starling to do when faced with so many opportunities and professional courtships to consider? She’s going to take the sage advice given to her by Josh Abbott, an artist well versed in this business of music. She’s going to take it step-by-step and not force what is already in her grander plan. At such an age when hanging out with friends, going to football games and generally being social are chief aspirations in teenagedom, well, Abbey has missed out on a lot of that. In fact, she has willingly sacrificed the entire rites of high school passage in favor of home schooling so that she can keep up with the demands that her astounding vocal talent and songwriting prowess has put upon her. Has bartered the comfortable life of a sheltered child in favor of the formidable life of a working musician because when Larry Joe Taylor personally invites you to perform at his renowned music festival, you don’t say no. Ft. Worth born Abbey Cone is, unlike most kids her age, a girl who knows exactly where she is headed, ruling out the long family tradition of rodeoing early on. Instead she became a resident performer at the Grapevine Opry at the age of nine and was voted “favorite artist sixteen years and under” for three years running. Her remarkable voice and the seasoned power and grace in which she wields it is well known to every single person who has ever heard it, but it wasn’t until she faced the untimely death of a friend that young Abbey discovered the songwriter that lived and breathed inside her. At age thirteen she penned her first original song “I’ll See You” in the wake of that tragedy and hasn’t put her pen down since. An avid songwriter, Abbey has spent a lot of time co-writing in Nashville while juggling a healthy performance schedule around Texas and blocking off time to continue her work as a junior volunteer at the Cook Children’s Hospital. Over the last year, the swelling murmur among artists and business professionals in the “scene” has garnered her performances on the highly coveted national syndicated radio show Texas Red Dirt Roads hosted by Justin Frazell as well as his national TV show, music nominations including “New Female Vocalist” at the Texas Regional Radio Music Awards, and a recent radio tour in support of her brand new single “Love Like Him Again.” And now after all the cutting of her baby teeth, it is time for a true introduction to Ms. Abbey Cone. July 10th will see the release of her much anticipated acoustic album simply called “Abbey.” Produced by Rocky Gribble and Curtis Jones, long-time friends and mentors going back to her time at the Grapevine Opry, this collection beats in the traditional country music vein, yet the R&B/soul influence of her voice takes you to another dimension entirely. Heavily driven melodies trumpeted through pipes well-worn with wisdom, “Abbey” fools you into experiencing the full band feel through the sheer power of the album’s composition. Penning fifteen of the sixteen tracks, Abbey takes great pride in her songwriting and makes no apologies for her perceptions of the world she writes about or the age she happens to be when she writes it. She’s an artist’s artist, full of Texas pride, and completely comfortable with being clay on the potter’s wheel through her artistic and very promising trek forward. “Ultimately on this music journey, it’s not about me letting people into my world. It’s about people letting me into theirs through my music.” Introducing Abbey Cone.