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Brad Good

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After living a year in Texas & immediately becoming recognized as a force in the songwriting scene, Brad Good has returned home to Oklahoma, and put together one of the best high energy bands you'll see. The singer song-writer from Apache, OK, with his raspy vocals, awesome lyrics, and unique guitar style will have your attention from the start. SHYLOH POWERS: "The Show" "We keep him on a cable plugged into his amp, because if we set him up wirelessly, I'm not sure we'd ever find him again. He'd probably still be holding a note hanging upside down like a bat at a venue we played a couple of months ago or something." Brad Good Shyloh Powers brings more energy to the stage than the next 10 players combined. The dude is flat out fun to watch, all the while maintaining pristine tone & awesome chops. PATRICK TOINTIGH: After several years in Canada where he recorded & toured nationally with numerous artists, regularly appeared on several national-airing television programs, and was nominated for multiple awards including The Junos, and People's Choice(won) this southwest Oklahoma native returned home, & Brad wasted no time picking him up to replace departing Matt Gaskins. "The feel & groove that Pat brings to the band will touch your soul". RYAN JOYCE: When we went looking for a drummer, and asking the question "Who's the best drummer you ever played with"...here's the name that kept coming up... From heavy metal to blues to country to folk to rock to wherever...Ryan's drumming has taken him places all over the east & west coasts & pacific northwest. We're not playing when we say...this guy is the best around. The combination of talent that these guys put on stage together is 2nd to none and they have worked with the likes of Mike McClure, Stoney Larue, Jason Boland, Rick Trevino and Chris Ledoux!