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Ben McPeak

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However, Ben nearly missed connecting with his musical destiny as a sports-loving teenager. On a dare from his classmates during prom night, Ben jumped on stage and sang to the packed house. Before he was done, the entire crowd was clapping and begging to hear more. Ben thought the crowd was pulling a prank on him, but people kept asking him weeks later when he was going to perform again. Ben’s future as a singer and entertainer seemed pre-destined from then on out. Before he’d even graduated high school, Ben’s talents landed him in Fiesta Texas “Opryland” , where he became the youngest performer ever to join the show. Ben enjoyed five years with Opryland honing his voice and perfecting the art of entertaining a crowd. He moved on to become a player in the Texas and national country music venue circuit, and Ben says it was during his club days that he hit his stride musically. “The best part of playing clubs night after night was finding my own voice,” the San Antonio-based McPeak says. “For so long, I tried to emulate other artists' songs, but once I found my own voice, I knew it immediately. From that point on, I knew I had something of my own that no one could take away from me.” That “something” Ben says was not just finding his own voice, but also discovering his love and talent for being “a consummate performer.” “All the years I spent doing seven shows a day in a theme park taught me how to grab hold of an audience and keep their attention,” he says. The years he spent paying his dues in the concert circuit inspired Ben to create and write his own music. “Music is in my soul,” he says, “and I love to create something that is new and has never been heard before.” Ben has recently performed hundreds of shows on the corporate music and private concert circuit. While he has found loads of success in that musical realm, Ben knows his own original music is his true life’s calling. Ben says that “Music keeps me balanced. The best thing is making good music and having a great time performing it. There is a certain synergy I feel with people in the crowd when I can help them forget their troubles—even if it’s only for one song. That feeling deep in my soul is what keeps me excited about being an entertainer.”