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Adam Fears

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Though he began to draw attention in the Texas music circuit playing college bars while he was at Texas A&M University, his opportunity to pursue a career in country music did not arise until his final year at A&M. Fears recalls, “we [the band] were all about to graduate and go our separate ways and I didn’t know where music was going for me. I prayed about it so much. My grandparents ended up sitting next to a man from Nashville in church one Sunday morning who had a friend in the music business. My CD was passed onto the man from Nashville, who ultimately saw to it that it ended up on the desk of a Music City music publisher.” Seven years later Adam still writes songs for that same Nashville publishing company, Faverett Entertainment. Adam has been diligently working to hone his craft as an artist and songwriter. He has written thousands of songs, some with hit makers such as Blake Mevis (“Fool Hearted Memory”), Lee Miller (“In Color”), and Don Goodman (“Angels Among Us”). He toured extensively for radio and fans in support of his 2007 independently released album, You Get Me, which quickly provided success for multiple singles on the Texas Music Chart. Adam has reaped the rewards of his efforts by having his compositions recorded on other artists’ records. He says a milestone for him was when he and Eric Lee Beddingfield wrote the song, “The Gospel According to Jones.” By luck, Eric had George Jones come in to the studio and sing on it with him. This led to the song being featured on the Grand Ole Opry, and George walking onstage at his own shows with the video of my song playing behind him on the jumbotron. The video for the song was even one of Billboard’s Top Video Picks of 2011. “It’s been an amazing experience!” Fears says, with a big grin. In 2012, Adam Fears inked a recording deal with Nashville based LandStar Entertainment and went to work in the studio cutting his debut release for the label. The album, Golden Gravel Road, was produced by friend and co-writer Jeremy Stover, who has written and produced number one songs and hit records on artists Justin Moore and Jack Ingram, among others. This music will take you down a red dirt road, play you something fun to dance to, even give you some old school twang when you need it. Adam adds, “There’s no geographic boundaries to this record. If you’ve ever been young, ever been in love, ever rolled down your window and drove too fast, you’ll get this record.” The album's first two singles, "Middle of Nowhere" and "There's A Girl Out There," hit Top 20 on the Texas Music Charts. Watch for, "Groove," a new song written by Adam on Sammy Kershaw's upcoming record, due Spring/Summer 2015. At the end of the day, Fears always gives credit to God for getting him where he is today and insists that he’s the same person he was when it all started. “I’m just a country boy from a little farm in east TX who found that a guitar struck a chord with me more than I ever did with it. I’ve got a few more miles on me now, but I don’t reckon I’ll ever change. I’m never late, I drink my coffee black, and it’d be my pleasure to meet you.”