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In 2011, fresh off the Shiner Rising Star, Zach Seth stepped into the studio for Two Door Ford's debut album entitled Long Holiday. Over the next two years, he would play 200 plus shows throughout the Texas Music promoting his music and his band. In 2012, Zach Seth was ready to jump back into the studio with new material, but this time shifting focus to his next project the Zach Seth Band. In late 2012, he teamed up with Leland Rooney (Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar), Mike Cox (Bass), and Producer/Engineer Jonathan Roye to began work on Zach Seth Band's debut EP entiled "Don't Say Goodbye" (available early 2013). Over the last few years, he has honed his craft and matured as an artist. Zach Seth is prepared and ready for the next chapter of his career and his body of work leaves little doubt that exciting things surely lie ahead for Zach Seth Band.