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Tim Angsten

Angsten's love for music began when he was just 12 years old. Alone in his room, Angsten would write and record music on a four track digital recorder for hours on end. By the time he was in junior high he was rockin' in bars with his father and brother in their family band American Pie. With music blaring and smoke so thick you couldn't see four feet in front of you, Angsten knew that music was his calling.Throughout his high school and college years he formed numerous bands and made many achievements including a slot at Summer Fest, one of the Midwest’s major music festivals. Angsten even got the opportunity to open for one of histories most unforgettable bands, America. After graduating from college, Angsten worked as a recording/production teacher, but knew he wouldn’t be satisfied if he gave up on his pursuit of music. So in 2011, Angsten left his home in Wisconsin to pursue his dreams in the live music capitol of the world, Austin, Texas. From folk to pop, Angsten has dabbled in many genres throughout his music career, but writing and performing contemporary country is where he feels most at home. Angsten’s latest musical venture is the creation of his production company Tim Pan Alley Productions. It’s a one stop song creation station where Angsten teams up with some of the most talented lyricists around the nation. He has high hopes for TPAP and all the potential the company has in exposing his highly marketable sound. Angsten is currently working with Field House publishing, based out of New York City, and with a long road ahead of him, Angsten keeps his head held high as he enters into another chapter in his musical quest.

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