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Sean McConnell

Sean McConnell has been performing on stage ever since he can remember. He was born into a family of full-time musicians. which inspired Sean to travel down the musical road. Growing up in the coffee houses of the Boston folk scene. Sean watched his parents playing songs written by Joni Mitchell. Bruce Springsteen. David Wilcox. Shawn Colvin. Harry Chapin. CSNY. James Taylor and others of the like. Unknown to himself or his parents. Sean was soaking it all in and locking it away somewhere inside.During Sean's middle school years. the McConnell family left Massachusetts to move to Atlanta. Georgia. For Sean and his three siblings. this move was less than invited. Feeling alone in a new city. Sean quickly found a way to deal with the sadness of leaving friends and family behind. He snuck into his parents' room. found his dad's guitar hidden under the bed. and started to write songs. He took the few chords that his father had taught him and went to work. Surprisingly. it came naturally; it just fell out of his mouth and on to the page. Eventually. with the support of his family. he wrote more and more songs and started playing them out at coffee houses and school functions. By the time he left for college. he had two independent records and a respectable buzz around the Atlanta area. After high school. Sean moved to Murfreesboro. Tennessee to study music business at Middle Tennessee State University. During his sophomore year. Sean started working with Quantum Talent. a college booking agency that works with NACA (National Association of Campus Activities.) In 2006. between studying and playing all over the United States. Sean signed a publishing deal in nearby Nashville with Warner/Chappell Music. In his first two years of the deal. artists such as Tim McGraw. Brad Paisley. Phil Stacey (American Idol) and many others had recorded his songs. In 2008. Sean teamed up with booking agent. Chad Kudelka and CEK Music in Austin. TX. Since then. Sean has split his time between writing songs and touring. The Heart Of My Music (In his own words) "For me it's all about the SONG. I remember watching my father sitting at our dining room table for hours and hours with his pencil and pad crafting his songs; spending the time to find the perfect word. the perfect chord. the perfect melody. That really made an impression on me. When I write a song it really is a kind of science. an operation; but it isn't mathematical or calculated. it is alive and breathing and moving. At the risk of sounding like a hippie on a soapbox. music is still powerful and holy and sacred to me. You can turn it into a product and a business. but you can't start it that way. To me the genesis of a song has to be honest and unassuming. I truly believe that God hands me these gifts and it is my job to translate them as honestly as I can. You have to let a song be what it is. We can't lose that. When I write songs. I like to focus on the fact that we are all the same and we are all just searching for answers and trying to make sense of everything. It's about exploring life and celebrating truth when you find it." ..

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