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Sheila Marshall

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After college. Sheila followed her passion for music. spending countless hours writing and rehearsing to record her first album Beautiful for Situation. She traveled and performed worldwide for 50 weeks in support of the album. touring night clubs in the US. Europe and Asia (where she performed for the troops returning from Iraq). The long tour allowed Sheila to develop her fan base and gain confidence on stage and off. While touring. Sheila wrote new songs and decided to head back to the studio to record her next album. Makes Perfect Sense "Radio" was Sheila's first single on the TX Charts. That same year Sheila was chosen to be on the USA network show Nashville Star. Sheila performed 2 of her original songs along with her favorite covers. "It was great to be chosen out of thousands who auditioned. and I get to be on TV and get paid to sing so what more could I ask for"! In Feb 2010 Sheila played for the troops once again but this time in Kuwait and Iraq "It's a life changer. these young men and women are truly heroes and I have a new found respect for their sacrifice". Sheila is slated to return in late 2010 or early 2011. Sheila's most current CD is titled "What If I Was " it's a soulful project with a country/rock-n-roll vibe. Kyle Cook lead guitarist for Matchbox Twenty produced and co-wrote 5 tracks in Nashville and Sheila finished up the reaming tracks in Houston. Sheila's songs represent a collection of music that portrays who she is: sincere. passionate and fearless. "Brand New Day" a cut off the CD will be featured in the motion picture "A Fine Step" with Luke Perry and Armand Assante. Her first Single "I Ain't Yo Baby" a female anthem made it to #20 on the Texas charts. Sheila is releasing her 2nd single "What If I Was" this Summer.