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Sam Sliva

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For the band's lead singer. this was a journey that began roughly eight years ago. when an eighteen year-old Sam Sliva moved from Bay City. TX to San Marcos. just a thirty minute drive from Austin - the city dubbed "the live music capitol of the world." Fast forward to 2010. the band has gone from open mics to playing with some of Texas-Red Dirt music's biggest stars - Cross Canadian Ragweed. Randy Rogers. Cory Morrow and Stoney LaRue to name a few. Through a combination of workmanship and timing. Sam Sliva and the Good have paved their way to the forefront of the Texas music scene and are on a steady rise to stardom. Call them a rock band. say they have a country sound. liken their guitar licks to an outlaw heritage-No matter how you label them. Sam Sliva and the Good are here to stay!