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Seth Candan

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After graduating. I moved up to College Station. and started doing some solo/acoustic acts at some local bars. while attending school. By 19. during the summer before sophomore year in college. I released my first record. "Life". which consisted of 13 originals that I started writing between high school and leading into the end of my freshman year of college. Looking back. I sometimes feel I rushed the record by putting every song I had written on it just to have an all "original cd". However. I look at my writing on that record as a stepping stone. as if it tells a story about what I went through or who I was as a person in my life. So I stuck to my guns and took a chance being a Texas singer/songwriter and put school and everything else aside. Whats new?! In the spring of 2010. I changed my live shows by getting a permanent band instead of contract musicians. We are all out of College Station. Tx. I'm so blessed that I found such talented musicians that have the same drive and passion as I do. They are now some of my closest friends. and I'm glad to share the stage with them. Also. I've spent a lot of time in 2010 recording my 2nd record. "The Aftermath". Which was released Oct. 26 and was produced by Texas Music Award Nominee. Mike McClure. I feel it's a big change from the "Life" album. "The Aftermath" has a lot to do with how I've lived. and experienced crazy and fun times away from home. in college. over these past three years. My voice has matured. and this new record I feel has a lot more groove. Our first single off the record is. "Alright". It was released to radio in mid October 2010. and is currently #37 on the Texas Music Chart. Most of all. I want to thank everyoneone of you for visiting the website. coming out to my shows. for supporting us. and spreading the word! I can't thank you enough.