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The Rusty Brothers

We like country music. We like playing country music. Steven and Andrew McWilliams, Louisiana-born and Texas-raised brothers, have played country music together since they could wrap their hands around their dad's guitar. In May 2013, the brothers released their sophomore album ("Revival") to country radio. This record, produced by Erik Herbst (Eli Young, Norah Jones, The Eagles), is supported by countless live shows throughout the south. No strangers to flat tires and engine failures, the band has visited nearly every honky-tonk in Texas.When Dwayne Bollmeyer and Derron Bell (guitar and percussion) teamed up with the brothers in mid-2010, the band became the best it has ever been. From symphony halls to rodeos, veterans Dwayne and Derron have played almost every kind of gig imaginable. Give the record a listen. Hit that little “Like” button (facebook.com/therustybrothers), follow the band on Twitter (@RBtexascountry), call up the stations and buy a track on iTunes. If you can’t do any of that… at least consider this: SUPPORT COUNTRY MUSIC.

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