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Rich O'Toole

Rich O'Toole is a singer/songwriter from Houston. Texas. In early 2007. O'Toole released his debut album. Seventeen. which was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Mack Damon. Three songs from the album. "Queen of the Misfits." "When Kelly Comes to Town." and "Alone." reached the Texas Music top ten. Americana Music Times. then called Texas Music Times. named Seventeen the "Best Album of 2006 That No One Told You About.O'Toole released his sophomore album. In a Minute or 2 on October 21. 2008. Damon again produced this record. which includes 10 songs penned by O'Toole along with a cover of The Postal Service 2003 song "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight." O'Toole and his band recorded the final track. "Marijuana & Jalapenos" live at the Mountain Breeze Campgrounds in New Braunfels. Texas in July. 2008.

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