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Reckless Kelly

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For a band weaned on monthly gigs in the few venues Bend. Oregon. had to offer. Austin created a whiplash effect. with stages available seven nights a week. Prone to familial musical habits. the members of Reckless Kelly took up residence in the same home. leaving only for nightly gigs. including the acoustic sets that Willy says helped the band further define its identity. The band later picked up guitarist David Abeyta and bassist Jimmy McFeeley. Their self-released debut album Millican (1998) sold over 20.000 units. and the Austin Chronicle named them the "Best Roots Rock Band" three years in a row. Following a live album and another studio album on their own label. they released Under the Table and Above the Sun on Sugar Hill in 2003. The band is named for the 19th century Australian bank robber Ned Kelly.