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What used to be Christmas Eve performances in front of the family are now sold-out shows at Gruene Hall as an opener for Roger Creager. The trips to Portland dance halls have now transformed into headlining some of the most famous music venues in Austin. Their first single off their EP of the same name. "Headaches and Heartbreaks." reached number 41 on the Texas Charts. Now. the Rankin Twins are more like one out of a million. "One of the biggest factors in 'making it' in the music business is how well does the artist and the music relate to the audience. At the end of the day that's what matters. and that's what the Rankin Twins have." explains Texas country music superstar Josh Abbot. Their latest effort. an EP titled "Silver Lining". further proves that the Rankin Twins are real. Texas country talent with an unexplainable characteristic that makes you immediately fall for them at first sight or sound. And. they're not going away anytime soon. Pop poignancy with a Texas-Country edge. That's exactly what Austin's The Rankin Twins deliver on their new EP. "Silver Lining." Their lyrics relay a kind of hope-filled angst. which showcases a uniquely modern. yet still organic sound. which is sure to strike a chord in fans of all ages. The Rankin Twins deliver a captivating live performance. The strength of their natural chemistry radiates throughout any room they play. The sisters' voices form uniquely beautiful harmonies that can only be attributed to their God-given congruency. and which could never be duplicated. Their awe-inspiring stage presence is bolstered by their distinct confidence in each other. and in the fantastic lineup of seasoned musicians with whom they perform. The Rankin Twins road to where they now stand in the Texas music scene. like many Troubadours before them. was not a straight one. After having to move from Portland to Longview and then to Midland. Texas for their high school years. one would have had a better chance at finding April and Amy on the soccer field than on a stage. During college at Texas A&M. Amy fell in love with the Texas music scene. rubbed elbows with big names like Cross Canadian Ragweed. and received her first guitar as a gift. It wasn't until after graduating college that the Rankin Twins music career got the push it needed. Amy's life began to take a left turn. first with a bad breakup and then having to undergo two separate operations to remove a brain tumor. Like many great musicians. Amy found an escape in the form of writing music. and "Headaches & Heartbreaks" was born. More songs kept coming. and the two started collaborating. which is when April's writing talents blossomed. They made their first recordings. put together a band. and began playing shows throughout Texas. Rob Patterson. a longtime music journalist and critic explains the rare talent and charisma that make up The Rankin Twins: "One thing we music-loving journalists live for is those all too rare magical moments when you hear an act and immediately say. 'wow. they've got it!' And The Rankin Twins have indeed got it all in spades: whip-smart songs that you happily can't get out of your head. delectable voices that are intertwined in a double helix of harmonic delight. and a charisma as performers and people that is irresistible." The Rankin Twins' story is a tale that is just beginning. Having already been nominated for several awards. opening for Texas country music legends and a top-50 hit single on the Texas charts with their first effort. it's safe to say that The Rankin Twins' best days are ahead of them. If you don't know and love the Rankin Twins now. you will soon. Perhaps Patterson foreshadows the Rankin Twins future best: "I'm confident that someday very soon. I'm going to proudly be able to say 'I knew they were going very big places from the start.' "