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Robert Donahue

They've been called the best thing to hit Texas country since crude oil, and the boys from RDB have the chops to back it up. With an explosive mix of rock, blues and a pinch of country thrown in the stew, The Robert Donahue Band serves up a rockin' good time adrenaline ride of high-powered, in your face, heavy blend of guitar and raw lyrical emotion that can only be described as pure Texas country music.The four member band from Mansfield, Texas share an eclectic range of influences from Jimi Hendrix and David Allan Coe to Dokken, ZZ Top, Van Halen and Pearl Jam. Throw it all in a blender and you have a recipe for a live every day like it's your last good time junkie sound that is, The Robert Donahue Band. The Robert Donahue Band's stage show is pure hell-raising energy with a slice of circus acrobatics that is making music lovers stand up and shout.

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