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Richie Allbright

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He quickly made a name for himself among his peers as one of the best traditional singers in town. With this kind of encouragement, Richie was convinced his big break was right around the corner. But his old friend alcoholism had such a grip on him that he lost focus on his dreams. After the failure of his second marriage in 2002, he moved back to Dallas, Texas to try and get sober. He was successful and went back to Nashville in 2003 to take a clear eyed crack at his goal. He began to pour the pain of a lifetime of addiction and broken relationships into some heartfelt songs. As well as a few stating his opinion about the current state of Country Music. By 2006 Richie had his life back on track but Country Music had evolved into something he no longer recognized. He was introduced to famed Music Producer Fred Foster, who loved Richies' voice and style and had Richie do a demo. The demo was a mix of Richies' own songs as well as some covers made famous by his influences. Although Nashville had turned more toward a non traditional sound, the demo got into the hands of some people involved in the Texas Music community. With the urging of his brother and some friends who were having some success in the Texas market, he made the drastic move back to South Texas. Here he was certain he could do the music he wanted to do. And more importantly, do it his way. Armed with the songs that had come from his heart and life, Richie worked with Bill Green, producer of such greats as Darrell McCall and Johnny Bush, to create his first Texas project. With the release of the album titled "If I'd Known Then" in early 2009, came not the end of a story, but a beginning that he had waited for his entire life. After fourteen years of struggling in Nashville, things were looking up!! Then divorce number three and another battle with those old demons came!! And although he felt like he couldn't pick himself up and start over anymore, somehow he did. He teamed up with his friends Billy Jo High and Jarrod Birmingham to record his new album, "Kickin' Down The Doors" in late 2011. The title cut pretty much sums up his whole journey. "Well, I've been in Love,and I've had broken hearts.I've got it together,and I've fallen apart. I've danced with the devil, and I've reached for the stars. But nobody told me it was gonna be this hard. And I've got to admit, that I've wanted to quit, when I thought I couldn't take anymore. But I'm still here. For what, it still ain't clear. So I'll just keep on "Kickin' Down The Doors".