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Parris Pittman

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Parris knew from a young age that music was all she ever wanted to do. Growing up in Texas and Oklahoma, she sang wherever she could get an audience; church, school, and oprys singing cover songs from Faith Hill, Dixie Chicks, and Leann Rimes to name a few. Being homeschooled during her later teen years allowed her the freedom to pursue her music no matter where that might take her. From Austin, Texas to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Nashville, Tennessee, she has had the privilege of writing and working with some very well known producers and recording in top notch studios such as Starstruck and Sound Stage with the most talented musicians Nashville had to offer. Not willing to compromise her creative freedom or her “sass and grit” style, she decided to put the red dirt back under her feet and the West Texas wind through her hair and today lives in small town America, Haskell, Texas, where she works as a librarian, plays and writes music, raises a family and is an active member of her community. With a decade of live performances, acoustic shows, and recording in studios under her belt, she delivers a powerful performance. The songs she writes are based on real people and the real life experiences of herself, family, and friends, as well as, the life most us live day to day. Everyone can find a connection within one of her songs. Her first single, “Beating All The Odds”, has been released to radio and is gaining lots of attention thanks to disc jockeys such as JB Cloud with KBCY West Texas Saturday Nights, and the excitement is mounting for her much anticipated first full-length CD produced by Mike McClure which is due out in the fall of this year. While Parris enjoys playing the more intimate acoustic shows, she really loves the energy that her full band Parris & The Pride generate performing her brand of country on the Texas/Oklahoma Red Dirt circuit. Parris has been honored to share the stage with popular red dirt acts such as Mike McClure, Jamie Richards, Cody Canada & The Departed, Josh Lamle, and Chad Sullins & Last Call Coalition and many more.