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<p>An Austin, Texas based country duo who have been playing clubs and bars around Texas for several years, Patton Sparks have shared the stage with established acts such as Sean McConnell, Ryan Beaver, Bri Bagwell, Ben Danaher, and Django Walker. Their array of musical influences includes country legends Hank Williams, Johnny Horton and Marty Robbins, the gritty southern rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top, and the blues rock of the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughn. The duo's first EP, “Loaded and Loud”, and their second EP, “Love, Texas, &amp; Me”, fuses all these influences and grabs the listener from the get go and doesn't let up until the last note, much like the dynamic personalities of Josh Patton and Brandon Sparks. Josh Patton grew up in Brazoria County along the gulf coast region of Texas. He was steeped in music from an early age, singing hymns with his grandmother in church on Sundays and listening to 8 tracks of Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Charley Pride while riding around in the truck with his grandfather. Brandon Sparks grew up in Rockwall, in northeast Texas. He fell in love with music at an early age, experimenting on everything he could find, from keyboards to drums. At age 13, his stepfather opened his eyes to Texas blues and rock guitar, it was then that he realized he was born for the instrument; he hasn’t spent a day without a guitar in his hands since. The Patton Sparks duo was formed during a late night jam on the Guadalupe River one night after a day of tubing with friends. Sparks notes that the cliche is true; “We were at the right place at the right time...our styles fell in sync, like clockwork.” The two have forged a strong bond based on creating an authentic, honest sound and also sticking to the values they hold dear &mdash; hard work, balance, and living their passion. The mixture of Patton’s gritty--but intrinsic--vocals and Sparks' ability to play guitar like he was invoking the ghosts of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Chet Atkins, seem to meld together perfectly with the lyrics of the songs the duo writes together. Josh Patton shares that, “Much like a movie scene, whether recollection of past true events, or imaginary ones, the story seems to write itself most times...on a good day.” Sparks adds that he hopes their music, “takes people away from the pain in life but also supports the thrills we all have in life.” Patton Sparks recorded their first EP, “Loaded and Loud” in early 2012, with producer Daniel Barrett at Rubicon Artist Development in Austin, Texas. In 2013 they decided to team up with Mr. Barrett again to record their second EP, “Love, Texas, &amp; Me”. Within the first week of releasing “Love, Texas, &amp; Me”, the album quickly jumped to the top of the charts, flying past seasoned musicians such as Curtis Grimes and Asleep at the Wheel. You can tell the songs let this duo shine with their honesty and devotion to the good times. Whether it’s celebrating the moment in the swampy, rock-driven songs like “Loaded and Load” (from their first EP, “Loaded and Loud”) and “Tequila and Whiskey” (from their second EP, “Love, Texas, &amp; Me”), or working through heartache to find the truth in “Lovesick Fool” (on “Loaded and Load”) and “Lonely” (on “Love, Texas, &amp; Me”), this duo brings you a mixture of music for every mood and every person. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't love at least one of their songs&mdash;if not all of them. The speed of their journey is remarkable. In two years Patton Sparks went from having no songs to their name to recording two albums with the industries top musicians, hearing themselves on country radio stations, and they're quickly climbing their way up the charts with songs that easily compete with the number one hits of yesterday and today. With their heartfelt devotion to the song and penchant for a good time, Patton Sparks will be the next breakout act on the country scene. The esteemed cast of musicians on “Loaded and Loud” and “Love, Texas, &amp; Me” include: Rick Richards (Joe Walsh, Ray Wylie Hubbard), Lunchmeat (Bruce Robison, Kelly Willis), Warren Hood (South Austin Jug Band), Paul Glasse (Johnny Gimble), Red Young (Eric Burdon and the Animals), Daniel Barrett (porterdavis), Lloyd Maines (Joe Ely, Dixie Chicks), Bri Bagwell (Bri Bagwell and the Banned), and Simon Wallace (porterdavis). </p>