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Mike Donnell Band

Originally beginning as a southern rock powerhouse after Mike served 2 tours of duty over seas, Mike and Nick made an immediate impact on the acoustic scene with free shows and open mic's in the Houston area. Lead singer Mike and guitarist Nick met purely by chance and in this luck encounter they quickly realized it was obvious they shared the same ideas and aspirations about music. During their first "jam session" in a buddy's garage they wrote most of what would become their first rock album.They eventually emerged as one of the most popular rock artists in Houston Texas, after many tough auditions Mike and Nick recruited like minded musicians Zach on drums and Adrian on bass. After setting a name for themselves and building an excellent reputation, the band found themselves going back to their roots. Quickly setting fire to the country scene, the Mike Donnell Band is a growing name, currently in the process of recording their first album at Satellite Studios in Houston Texas.

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