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Macy Maloy

Macy is a singer/songwriter whose soulful voice and online savvy have turned her into an Internet phenomenon. She started by uploading a few videos of herself performing covers and original songs on YouTube, and quickly built a loyal following. Through months of hard work writing songs and nurturing her fan-base, Macy has built her following to tens of thousands of online fans. A college student at the University of North Texas,<p>Macy's surprising maturity as a songwriter is evident from the first listen of her original songs, but it was her cover of The Josh Abbott Band's "Oh, Tonight" that caught the attention of the band and their management team. With in weeks of submitting a video for a contest, Macy was invited to join the band on stage for a performance. Now, she is working to put together her first record, while balancing the demands of being a college student.</p>

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