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The new EP features four tunes in the same vein. universally melodic with bold yet personal lyrics. story-songs that come from the heart. sung in a pure. pitch-perfect yet understated voice that perfectly suits the songs and is easily identifiable on country radio. "Prove It to You." written with guitarist Geoff Hill of the Randy Rogers Band. rocks. Park says he likes "Just a Fake Smile" because everyone can relate to it. "Any Day or Night" is a sweet. sad waltz; "I'm Missing You." a sweet. sad love song. With Park in the studio were Karl Schwoch (electric guitar). Will Armstrong (drums. percussion) and Eric Lenington (bass). the quartet starting to come together after December 2006 and a gig at Austin's Broken Spoke opening for Asleep at the Wheel. Since then. they've also performed with or opened for Clint Black. Tracy Lawrence. Mark Chestnutt. Gary Allan. Pat Green. Jack Ingram. Randy Rogers Band and Eli Young Band. Among their many radio singles. including "Tossin' and Turnin'." "Baby I'm Gone." "Big Time" and "Half Empty Shotgun." Park's "Somebody's Trying to Steal My Heart" climbed to #16 on The Texas Music Chart. The new EP also features Lloyd Maines on steel guitar; John Whitby. one of the record's assistant producers. on piano and B3; Glenn Fukanaga on bass; and Wes Hightower with harmony vocals. Park and his touring band will cross Texas and other Midwestern states in spring and early summer to play CD Release Shows behind the EP. They're scheduled to play an April date with Willie Nelson and the Fourth of July with Joe Nichols. Park believes today's music scene and the whole business is changing. that consistent touring deserves consistent recording. and that giving fans new music quickly is the main objective. As for the coming year and the promise of periodic releases. the idea is also to let fans in on the making of the next album; Park wants to know what they think of the songs in the release packages via the Web and which they want to hear over and over. Karl spent his formative days in the granite adorned hills of Escondido California. Inspired by Darold Duncan. his grandfather. he began learning the fiddle at age 6. He performed with the school orchestra until age 12 when a trip to see Foghat with his uncle changed his musical destiny forever. It was then that Karl found his passion for the guitar and moved to the live music capitol of the world. Austin. Texas. Karl spent years playing around the Austin music scene. performing in places like Antone's. Blind Pig Pub. The Vibe. and Babes as a member of a variety of bands. In 2006 Karl landed an audition for Kyle and has been on the road with him ever since. There are many different musicians. bands. styles. and genres that have helped create Karl's distinctive sound. Some of those influences emanate from Billy Gibbons. Pete Anderson. Brent Mason. Buck Owens. Randy Rhoads. Avenged Sevenfold. Alice in Chains. Muse. Mozart. Wagner. Lady Gaga. and Rhianna. In his spare time you can find Karl wakeboarding. saltwater fishing. or possibly enjoying a steak at his favorite eatery. Eddie V's. in Austin. An Austin native. Will's musical life began when he begged for piano lessons while in kindergarten. His musical interests expanded to the trumpet. then guitar and finally the drums. Will's family moved to Washington. D.C for 8 years where he rode subways. played lots of basketball and golf. and just missed a parked helipcopter with an errant golf shot at Camp David. Will moved back to Austin for high school and later attended Vanderbilt University on a golf scholarship. After graduating with a degree in psychology. Will immediately started working in Austin at Asleep at the Wheel's home studio. Bizmeaux Studios. During his career at Bizmeaux as a sound engineer. he has mastered the art of sweeping floors and taking out the trash. However. he admits that he still has a long way to go when it comes to learning the art of making a good cup of coffee. Soon after moving back to Austin. Will was referred to Kyle and joined the band as the drummer. When he's not on the road or in the studio. you can find Will eating something crunchy. sipping tequila or refining what some would consider his questionable taste in music Due to being born into a performing arts household. Eric was exposed to music at an early age. His mother was a professional ballerina with New York City Ballet as well as several other companies. and his father spent time as a bassist in San Francisco and New York City. Eric started on the piano at age 6. then moved to trombone by the 6th grade and picked up the bass during high school. Eric started touring during his first year in Indiana University's music program. 2001 saw him move to Texas where he quickly met Brady Black of the Randy Rogers Band who introduced him to the Texas Music scene. Eric toured with Peter Dawson. Doug Moreland and Ryan James before finding a place with Kyle Park in 2009. An interest in graphic design and short movie making has allowed Eric to document the band and share its road experience with fans. He is also an aviation enthusiast and loves his favorite Mexican delicacy- the taco platter.