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Jeremy Phifer

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“I’ve always really considered myself just a picker,” notes Jeremy. But his emotive voice is every bit as attention-grabbing as his electrifying guitar leads. The fifth-generation musician, now 29, has definitely walked a long, hard road to get to where he is now – and the challenges of the journey are reflected in the passionate nuances he brings to his music. It’s a life focused entirely around music – and family. Jeremy doesn’t own an iPod or have satellite radio, preferring instead to listen to CDs by artists ranging from Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Merle Haggard to Pink Floyd, Black Crowes and The Eagles. Additionally, this singer/songwriter counts Prince, Muddy Waters and The Beatles among his influences. The married father of three now lives in Paris, Texas, just a few miles down the road from his hometown of Blossom. The handsome singer can often be found putting down demos in his dad’s studio, practicing new leads or trying out his latest song at a local watering hole. “It’s a pretty quiet community,” he observes. “A great place to raise kids.” And with his family and friends surrounding him, that small Texas town is a welcome respite from the gigs, recording and radio promo tours he is committed to this year. With a MusicRow Chart single to his credit (his own “Take The L Out Of Lover”) this former bar bouncer (and current part-time college student) is finally living the life he only dreamed about just a few years ago. “We won two talent contests,” Jeremy notes. “Paris Idol in 2009 and the North Texas State Colgate Country Showdown competition in 2010, and I really thought that winning those would get us more gigs.” Phifer knows that no future is certain, but believes that his motivation will overcome any obstacles life may throw his way. “I live for my family,” he states. “Ain’t nothing gonna change that.” So it’s not surprising that Phifer has found ways to blend his love of family with his music. His father Jerry, a Texas lead guitar legend, is the force behind the band’s pedal steel and Jeremy’s nine-year-old son is following in his footsteps … already learning the drums. Two years ago Jeremy, his dad and son shared the stage at the Elks Lodge in Paris. “To have three generations of Phifer’s playing together is a memory I’ll cherish forever.” As the momentum grows for Jeremy Phifer and the Texas BadWater Band, the fire burns hotter and this star shines brighter. One listen and you’ll agree – there are plenty of memories yet to be made in this newcomer’s future.