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10 years...5 cds...respect as a songwriter... top flight band...an expanding and loyal fan base. Not TOO bad of a track record for a guy who never felt he really had any business being in the music business. "I didn't even pick up a guitar until graduate school." notes Max Stalling. After high school in Carrizo Springs. Texas. Stalling went to Texas A&M in College Station and earned a master's degree in Food Science. Stalling took the corporate road to Dallas in 1991. working for Rainbo Bread and then in product development for snack food giant Frito-Lay.

Mike Ryan is a singer/songwriter with a knack for pairing lyrics with music that breathe life into a song. Though Mike would tell you "I've still got some road to travel as a writer," many will argue he's already established himself when it comes to penning clever new tunes. Smooth and soulful, he has uncommon vocal ability. With the upcoming release of his sophomore album, Bad Reputation, Ryan proves his ability to craft a good lyric in addition to breathing life into a song in a way that no other voice can.

It's impossible to manufacture something as genuine or as damn-straight cool as the sister trio Michaelis. Made up of Meagan, Mallory and Madeline their surname doubles as their band name the group has been winning over audiences throughout its native Texas since youngest member Madeline was only 5 years old. They'd sneak me through the back door of the honky-tonk and then I had to leave right after the show, says Madeline.

Originally beginning as a southern rock powerhouse after Mike served 2 tours of duty over seas, Mike and Nick made an immediate impact on the acoustic scene with free shows and open mic's in the Houston area. Lead singer Mike and guitarist Nick met purely by chance and in this luck encounter they quickly realized it was obvious they shared the same ideas and aspirations about music. During their first "jam session" in a buddy's garage they wrote most of what would become their first rock album.

"Led by Trent Langford, No Dry County carries the torch for a new generation of young artists traveling the circuit here in Texas. It's country and americana music infused with classic rock and roll, then left to simmer, filling the room with the sound of success. It's heartfelt music filled with lyrics about real life, real places and real people.

After flirting with the idea of leaving the nine-to-five world to pursue his lifelong passion. Nick Verzosa (Ver-Zo-Sa) turned his full attention to songwriting and performing in January 2008. He initially split his time between performing in solo acoustic performances and fronting his first full band effort. Johns Guns. Since the retirement of this first band. Verzosa has made his mark on the Texas music scene with his own spin on a sound described as both classic and innovative.

Humble beginnings, a cultivated work ethic and the influences of classic country legends, synchronized together in perfect harmony, make up singer-songwriter from the West Texas Plains, Randall King.

Marcy Grace is an up and coming singer/songwriter from San Antonio, Texas bringing fresh and new ideas to the Americana market. She is known for her big and unique voice. This Texas girl has been playing music for most of her life and is a multi-instrumentalist playing drums, guitar, keyboard, and banjo.

For a man whose new album begins with a powerful song called "Footsteps of Our Fathers," Pat Green has blazed his own trail in a way that few artists today can claim. Even with all the artistic and popular success he has experienced along the way, What I'm For is the stirring sound of Pat Green arriving as a major American singer-songwriter who has managed to make his own way in country music and beyond. To borrow a memorable phrase from the man's biggest hit to date, "Wave on Wave" of new faces have come along, but few have ever made such a vivid impression, both as a recording artist and performer, as Pat Green.

An Austin, Texas based country duo who have been playing clubs and bars around Texas for several years, Patton Sparks have shared the stage with established acts such as Sean McConnell, Ryan Beaver, Bri Bagwell, Ben Danaher, and Django Walker. Their array of musical influences includes country legends Hank Williams, Johnny Horton and Marty Robbins, the gritty southern rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top, and the blues rock of the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughn.

From the first time you hear the name Phillip Thomas. It will always mean a party crowd! Phillip graduated from Los Fresnos High School in 2007 and was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley. Phillip's idles such as George Strait and Hank Williams Jr.. and Bands such as "Aerosmith" and "Little Texas" have always given him that inspiration to perform. He has been singing since he was 10 years old and played as a drummer when he was 14

The Pat Ryan Band, formally known as Pat Ryan & The Jaded Kind made their start in January 2012. With the help of many Texas Country artists; it took the group no time at all to get up and running.

They have developed a sound that ties their passion for the Blues to their Country roots. Think TEXAS SOUL! You can find elements of the old "outlaw" music in their attitude and in the way they push the boundaries of today's music

Parris Pittman echoes a rare and unique voice unlike any other. "A new age Lucinda Williams" as Mike McClure puts it. Parris is a Texas country singer, songwriter, and guitarist who is currently an independent artist without a record deal, and without management. Her growing popularity can be attributed to hard work, an amazing support team, and dedication to her craft.

Richie Allbright is a "Country" singer -songwriter who hails from the small South Texas town of Mathis. His influences are some of the greatest in Country Music,such as Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings,Gene Watson,Johnny Rodriguez,and Gary Stewart. And it can certainly be heard in his music!! As well as seen in his real life. In 1994, Richie left Texas for Nashville. He took with him the addictions and demons that had and would continue to pursue him relentlessly. While in Nashville, Richie worked for Gilleys and played at various other local bars.

They've been called the best thing to hit Texas country since crude oil, and the boys from RDB have the chops to back it up. With an explosive mix of rock, blues and a pinch of country thrown in the stew, The Robert Donahue Band serves up a rockin' good time adrenaline ride of high-powered, in your face, heavy blend of guitar and raw lyrical emotion that can only be described as pure Texas country music.

Three out of 1.000. That's how rare April and Amy Rankin entered the world as identical twins. Growing up in the small Gulf coast town of Portland. Texas. the young. curly-haired duo proved at an early age that they were indeed a very unique pair. From performing their favorite country tunes at family gatherings to line dancing at country dance halls with their parents in Portland. the Rankin Twins had a natural gift for capturing everyone's attention. Fast-forward to today. April and Amy are still the charming. charismatic sisters everyone in Portland fell in love with. Only now. they are one of the hottest up-and-coming country artists in Texas with some impressive experience under their belt buckles.

If you were to sit down with Ryan Beaver for a casual conversation, within minutes you would realize that Ryan's music is a transparent representation of who he is to the core: humble, levelheaded, genuine. He's a deeply rooted family guy from a small town in Northeast Texas, who set aside his marketing degree from Texas State, and discovered himself in the artistic community of Austin. "I've grown up my entire life with music," Ryan explains. "Singing...playing drums, piano, guitar. Music was something I couldn't shake." Within the span of a few short years, he wrote and independently released 2008's Under the Neons and 2011's Constant.

Randy Rogers was raised in Cleburne. Texas. the son of a Baptist preacher and a teacher's aide. His father regularly played guitar and sang with his best friend at the family home. and his great-grandmother taught him how to play the piano when he was 6 years old. By age 11. he was writing songs and teaching himself to play chords on guitar. His love for music grew over the years as he began to listen to artists like Merle Haggard. Willie Nelson. Don Williams. the Beatles and even Pearl Jam. He began experimenting with his live show when his high school garage band performed a Stone Temple Pilots cover in a talent show. Rogers went on to work as a sideman for several years. playing guitar and singing harmony vocals.

Reckless Kelly's roots reach back to Idaho and Oregon. where brothers Willy and Cody Braun paired their state-required education with a musical school of learning taught by their father. Muzzie Braun and the Boys (that also included other members of the Braun clan) took to the stage. playing western swing regionally. as well as on the Grand Ole Opry and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. By their late-teens. the Brauns had been bitten by a rock and roll bug and started their own band in high school. After their first incarnation hit the skids. they ran into Nazz and formed a new alliance. one that would shape their sound. The band played one final show in the Pacific Northwest before packing the bags for Austin. Texas.

Rich O'Toole is a singer/songwriter from Houston. Texas. In early 2007. O'Toole released his debut album. Seventeen. which was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Mack Damon. Three songs from the album. "Queen of the Misfits." "When Kelly Comes to Town." and "Alone." reached the Texas Music top ten. Americana Music Times. then called Texas Music Times. named Seventeen the "Best Album of 2006 That No One Told You About.

For more than a decade. Roger Creager built a reputation on his distinctive brand of hard-core. rabble-rousing Texas Country music. on his rich. full-bodied voice that can carry a tune for miles. and on his exceptional ability to work thousands of Texans into a rabid frenzy with his voice and guitar. in the great concert tradition of Jerry Jeff Walker and Robert Earl Keen. Along the way. he's been writing some mighty fine instant classics about family heirlooms. fields of bluebonnets. and late night trips to Mexico. Four albums. hundreds of thousands of road miles. and an ever-expanding fan base later. Here It Is has Roger Creager laying his cards on the table with thirteen songs that are arguably his best batch yet.

We like country music. We like playing country music. Steven and Andrew McWilliams, Louisiana-born and Texas-raised brothers, have played country music together since they could wrap their hands around their dad's guitar. In May 2013, the brothers released their sophomore album ("Revival") to country radio. This record, produced by Erik Herbst (Eli Young, Norah Jones, The Eagles), is supported by countless live shows throughout the south. No strangers to flat tires and engine failures, the band has visited nearly every honky-tonk in Texas.

"I would love to have been one of the great singers in the world -- like Vince Gill or someone like that -- even if it was just for one hour," says Robert Earl Keen. "But I really feel like my gift is writing songs. That's just there and it's always been there. I don't know why, but I always have stories -- they don't all have to be true, just good. If I could put a subtitle on my best songs, it would be 'based on a good story.'" With his latest Lost Highway album, The Rose Hotel (which hit #1 on the Americana charts), Keen re-confirms his place among the Lone Star State's great storytellers, capable of painting rich, poignant landscapes worthy of Cormac McCarthy and spinning satirical yarns that'd do Kinky Friedman proud. The disc's rough-hewn tone -- it's one of the more immediate, organic efforts in Keen's varied catalog -- emphasizes both ends of that emotional spectrum, with Band-styled organ washes dappling the evocative title track and a hoedown-worthy breakdown propelling the wry "Wireless in Heaven" to its conclusion.

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